Camelia Lupașcu

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Camelia Lupașcu
Medal record
Women's Rowing
Competitor for  Romania
World Championships
Gold 2003 Athens W4X
Silver 2004 Barcelona 1X
Silver 2005 Gifu W8+
Silver 2009 Poznań W2-
Silver 2009 Poznań W8+
Silver 2013 Chungju W8+
Bronze 2010 Karapiro W8+
European Rowing Championships
Silver 2007 Poznań W4X
Gold 2008 Athens W8+
Gold 2009 Brest W2-
Gold 2009 Brest W8+
Gold 2010 Montemor-o-Velho W8+
Gold 2010 Montemor-o-Velho W2-
Gold 2011 Plovdiv W2-
Gold 2012 Varese W2-
Gold 2013 Sevilla W8+
Bronze 2011 Plovdiv W4X
Bronze 2012 Varese W4X

Camelia Lupașcu (born 29 July 1986 in Dorohoi) is a Romanian rower. She finished 4th in the eight at the 2012 Summer Olympics.