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Eric Wickman
Eric Wickman.jpg
Born (1887-08-07)August 7, 1887
Våmhus, Sweden
Died February 5, 1954(1954-02-05) (aged 66)
Daytona Beach, Florida, United States
Nationality Swedish
Known for Founder of Greyhound Lines
Eric Wickman statue

Carl Eric Wickman (August 7, 1887 – February 5, 1954) was the founder of the Greyhound Lines, Inc.

History persona[edit]

Wickman was born Martis Jerk in the small village Våmhus, 15 km north of Mora in the province Dalarna, Sweden. The distinctly Dalecarlian name Martis Jerk literally means "Martin's Eric", i.e., 'Eric of Martin's farm'. In 1905 when Martis Jerk arrived in the United States as a Swedish emigrant he changed his name to Carl Eric Wickman.


In 1905 he arrived in the U.S. and worked in a mine as a drill operator in Hibbing, Minnesota until he was laid off in 1914. In the same year, Wickman became a Hupmobile salesman as a partnership-owner. When he could not sell the first Hupmobile he received, he began operating a livery route from Hibbing and Alice, Minnesota. By using the seven multi-seat Hupmobile, he drove his former colleagues between the mines and homes. This was the start of what would later become Americas' largest bus line, renamed "Greyhound" in 1929.

By 1934, he had expanded to 50 buses and had revenues of $340,000. In 1952, he sold out of the business for $960,000. Wickman began buying up small businesses, establishing Northland Transportation Co. In 1954, Great Northern Railway bought 80% of Northland for $240,000. Leaving that concern largely in Great Northern's hands, Wickman formed Greyhound Corp., a holding company for other bus lines which he and associates proceeded to buy.[1]


In 1916 Wickman married Olga Rodin, a Swedish-American. They had two children Robert (Bob) and Peggy (Margaret).[2] John Wickman, Eric's brother and President of the Florida Chapter had three children. Olga(Porter), Jean(Bogess) and Kathy( Montefusco) Wickman. Olga married Dave Porter and they resided Washington state with their two children Vic Porter and Dorothy Porter. Olga passed away on January 24, 2008. Jean resides in North Carolina.She has 2 sons Kiefer Boggess and John Boggess who is married to Danielle Hobbs. They have 3 children Evan, Brandi and Ava. Kathy is married to Jim Montefusco and lives in Florida. They have 2 children. Kristine is married to Patrick Morgan and they have 3 children Hunter, Dylan and Aidan. Their son, Jim Montefusco,Jr. is married to Barbara Mead. They have 2 children Logan and Taylor.

Historic list of companies involved as founder[edit]

  • Mesaba Transportation Company - 1915
  • Motor Transit Corporation - 1922
  • Northland Transportation Company - 1925
  • Greyhound Pacific - around 1930
  • The Greyhound Corporation - 1933


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