Cedar Mountain Union order of battle

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The following Union army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Cedar Mountain of the American Civil War. The Confederate order of battle is shown separately.

Military Rank Abbreviations Used[edit]

Army of Virginia[edit]

Unattached units

Pope’s escort
1st Ohio Cavalry (detachment)

II Corps[edit]

Maj. Gen. Nathaniel Banks


1st Michigan Cavalry (detachment)
5th New York Cavalry (detachment)
1st West Virginia Cavalry (detachment)
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Alpheus S. Williams

1st Brigade

   BG Samuel W. Crawford

3rd Brigade

   BG George H. Gordon

Second Division
     BG Christopher C. Augur (w)
     BG Henry Prince
     BG George S. Greene

1st Brigade

   BG John W. Geary
Col Charles Candy

2nd Brigade

   BG Henry Prince
Col David P. DeWitt

  • 3rd Maryland Infantry
  • 102nd New York Infantry
  • 109th Pennsylvania Infantry
  • 111th Pennsylvania Infantry
  • 8th and 12th U.S. Infantry Battalion
3rd Brigade

   BG George S. Greene
   Col James A. Tait

Corps Artillery

   Cpt Clermont L. Best

  • 4th Battery, Maine Light Artillery
  • 6th Battery, Maine Light Artillery
  • Battery K, 1st New York Light Artillery
  • Battery L, 1st New York Light Artillery
  • Battery M, 1st New York Light Artillery
  • Battery L, 2nd New York Light Artillery
  • 10th Battery, New York Light Artillery
  • Battery E, Pennsylvania Light Artillery
  • Battery F, 4th U.S. Artillery

III Corps[edit]

MG Irvin McDowell

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Second Division
     BG James B. Ricketts

1st Brigade

   BG Abram Duryée

  • 97th New York Infantry
  • 104th New York Infantry
  • 105th New York Infantry
  • 107th Pennsylvania Infantry
2nd Brigade

   BG Zealous B. Tower

3rd Brigade

   BG George L. Hartsuff

4th Brigade

   Col Samuel S. Carroll

Cavalry Brigade

   BG George D. Bayard


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