Château-Gaillard (Vannes)

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Château-Gaillard (Vannes).JPG
Château-Gaillard (Vannes) is located in Vannes
Château-Gaillard (Vannes)
Location map France Vannes
General information
Type hôtel particulier
Location Vannes
Coordinates 47°39′25″N 2°45′29″W / 47.656861°N 2.757972°W / 47.656861; -2.757972Coordinates: 47°39′25″N 2°45′29″W / 47.656861°N 2.757972°W / 47.656861; -2.757972
Completed 1410
Client Jean de Malestroit
Owner City of Vannes

The Château-Gaillard is a French hôtel particulier and an archaeological museum, built in the late Middle Ages in Vannes.[1]


Originally built as an administrative building for cardinal Jean de Malestroit, construction of the hotel was completed in 1410.[2] The building was owned by several owners throughout its history, however, in 1912 the building was bought by historical society Société polymathique du Morbihan to house a new museum. On September 22, 1914, President of France Raymond Poincaré officially opened the museum's new collections.[3] The building was federally protected by the Minister of Culture in 1913.[4]


The museum has a collection of artifacts and documents.[5]




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