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Chao Lei (Chinese: 晁雷; Pinyin: Cháo Léi) is a character featured within the famed Chinese novel, Fengshen Yanyi.

Chao Lei is the brother of Chao Tian. They Twins are seemingly the right and left hand of King Zhou himself and will accomplish his will to their utmost abilities. After Queen Jiang had been brought before King Zhou after a large false accusation and was unjustly punished by the deranged king, Chao Lei and Chao Tian would be ordered to take the accused Jiang Huan to the West Palace. After Jiang Huan was effectively delivered to the palace and was unknowingly slewn while there, they both would be confronted by a young prince child known as Yin Jiao while returning to the Longevity Palace. The brothers would run for their lives after this crazed child ran at them with sword in hand -- this boy had already cut Jiang Huan in two through his rage.

After reporting the news, they received the Dragon-Phoenix Sword from the king as to take the head of the two princes. After confronting the West Palace again, they would be barked off by Concubine Huang who wished to protect the lives of the two children. After the two children were taken in the hands of Concubine Yang, the Chao brothers would come to her Fragrant Happiness Palace and say these words after being accused as trespassers: "Concubine Yang, we are Palace Honor Guards of the Longevity Palace. Look at this Dragon-Phoenix Sword. We have the king's order to fetch the heads of the two princes. We are not running without authority." These two twins would once again leave after being barked off by Concubine Yang. Following this event, the Chao Twins would hand over their renowned sword to Huang Feihu as to subdue the two princes due to their failure.

Chao Lei was appointed as the deity of Zhongdou Xinggong (中斗星宫).[1]


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