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Coordinates: 36°05′29″N 80°14′38″W / 36.091503°N 80.243801°W / 36.091503; -80.243801

Children's Museum of Winston-Salem
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Children's Museum of Winston-Salem is located in North Carolina
Children's Museum of Winston-Salem
Location of the museum
Established November 20, 2004 (2004-11-20)[1]
Location Winston-Salem
Coordinates 36°05′29″N 80°14′38″W / 36.0915034°N 80.2438006°W / 36.0915034; -80.2438006
Type Children's Museum

Children's Museum of Winston-Salem is a two-story, 501(c)(3) nonprofit Children's Museum in Winston-Salem, which goal to teach children literature, building, zoology,


The Children's Museum of Winston-Salem was creating for the Junior League of Winston-Salem 75th anniversary. The museum was opened November 20, 2004.[2]

Permanent Exhibits[edit]

All of the exhibits include "Baby pond", which is have more baby-appropriate version of the exhibit. There in all of the exhibits except the Beanstalk, Build it, the Surprise Garden, Climber, the Enchanted Forest, Food Lion

  • Animal Alphabet: This exhibit features all the letters of the Alphabet being associated with different animals, and also includes a Vet's office which allows children to play vet on stuffed animals.[3] This exhibit is located on the second floor behind the beanstalk.
  • Build It An exhibit which features foam Lincoln Logs, Magnetic tiles, Lego, and a build your own parachuter, which involves making a parachuter (by attaching a parachute to a wooden man) and using a pulley to pull it up and when it reaches the top it will fall off and float down.[4]
  • Luckey Climber is a structure on the first floor, which was originally in the Old Salem Children's Museum. It is made to look like waves, and is made by Luckey Climbers. It was built for children who are to young to use the beanstalk.[4]
  • The Enchanted Forest is a Forest on the second floor of the museum, which features components of different books including the bridge from Three Billy Goats Gruff, the Buttercup Cabin containing the Three Bears’ Beds, the Cardinal Cottage, Miksch House (which is name after the girl that lived there Martha Elizabeth Miksch), the forest babies nursery, book nooks, and a puppet theater.[5]
The food pyramid
The food Pyramid used in the grocery store
  • Food Lion Supermarket is an exhibit that allows children to shop around, smell spices,help with the checkout, and teaches kids about eating right with the food pyramid.[6]
  • Jack and the Beanstalk Climber is a climber that connect the first floor and the second floor. It looks like it is made of leaves and has ropes to hold it up and to prevent the climbers from falling off, it also supports 1000 pounds, but it only allows climbers to climb up.[3]
  • Krispy Kreme Doughnut Factory is an exhibit on the second floor which allows kids to pretend to work at a doughnut factory with plastic doughnuts. It also includes a baby doughnut, where younger children can play. There is also books about doughnuts, and a doughnut delivery truck.[7]
  • Surprise Garden is an outdoor garden, which is only open during spring, summer, or fall, and contains flowers, painted pots, sculptures, picnic tables, and during the summer children can dug in the soil, make sculptures, playing in the sandbox, and with water.[8]


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