Children's World (magazine)

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Children's World
Editor Navin Menon
Categories Children's magazine
Frequency Monthly
First issue 1968
Based in India

Children's World is a children's magazine founded by K. Shankar Pillai, well known cartoonist, to be a forum for writings by children, budding as well as established authors.


The magazine had its beginnings in the Shankar's International Children's Competition, an event conducted by K. Shankar Pillai since 1949. He decided in January 1968 to publish the entries to the competition in a weekly illustrated periodical. The magazine switched to become a monthly in March 1972.


It issues two special issues, in April and in November. The November issue exclusively comprises contributions by children in the age group of 5–16. It is published to coincide with the celebration of Children's Day in India in November. The magazine is currently edited by Navin Menon.