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Assisted-service bicycle repair at the Sopo Bicycle Cooperative in Atlanta, Georgia.

A bicycle cooperative ("bike coop"), bicycle co-operative ("bike co-op"), bike kitchen, or community bike shop is a non-profit assisted-service bicycle repair shop. Precise definition of these terms is difficult, since some charge fees, all have slightly different goals, and diverse histories. Generally they are not-for-profit organizations or social enterprises.

Individuals bring in bicycles needing repair or maintenance; volunteers teach them how to do the required steps.[clarification needed — see talk] The users learn repair skills which are useful both for breakdowns on the road and for at-home repairs. Co-ops also sell new and used bike parts and a few charge for repairs. In addition, they may provide other services, such as selling refurbished bikes and offering formal group bike-repair classes.

Costs to users[edit]

Shop time[edit]

Some bike co-ops charge users a set fee of between US$5 and US$20 per hour for "shop time" — for the use of their space and tools. They tend to waive the fee for low-income users. Other co-ops use a pay what you want strategy: they request that each user make a donation.[1]

Co-ops with lower overhead costs are often more relaxed about cost recovery. For example, one co-op inside a large "community environment park" in Australia exists rent-free. That co-op charges about US$10 for a one-year membership, which includes unlimited shop time.[2]


The cost of new or used parts is normally extra.


Some early bike co-ops started out on the west coast of the US; one example is the Bike Kitchen in San Francisco. Another early bike co-op was the Fahrrad.Selbsthilfe.Werkstatt, founded in 1983 in a formerly squatted factory in Vienna.

Bike co-ops can now be found worldwide. The Bike Collective Network wiki includes a list of hundreds of co-ops scattered throughout a few dozen countries.[3] The list is sorted by country and by province/state.

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