Confederate States of America Secretary of the Treasury

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The Confederate States Secretary of the Treasury was the head of the Confederate States Department of the Treasury. Three men served in this post throughout the Confederacy's brief existence from 1861 - 1865.

List of Secretaries of the Treasury[edit]

# Picture Name Born Died Term Began Term Ended Political Party
1 CGM.jpg Christopher G. Memminger 1803
Vaihingen an der Enz, Württemberg
1888 North Carolina
Flat Rock, North Carolina
February 21, 1861 July 18, 1864 Democrat
2 George Alfred Trenholm.jpg George A. Trenholm 1807 South Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina
1876 South Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina
July 18, 1864 April 27, 1865 Democrat
3 JHRegan.jpg John H. Reagan October 18, 1818 Tennessee
Gatlinburg, Tennessee
March 6, 1906 Texas
Anderson County, Texas
April 27, 1865 May 10, 1865 Democrat

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