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This article is about the drink. For the football (soccer) club nicknamed Cremas, see Club Universitario de Deportes.

Crémas, also spelled Crémasse (Haitian Creole: Kremas), is a sweet and creamy alcoholic beverage native to Haiti. The beverage is made primarily from creamed coconut, sweetened condensed evaporated milk, and rum. The rum used is usually dark, however, white rum is used frequently as well. Various spices are added for additional flavoring such as cinnamon, nutmeg, anise, as well as miscellaneous ingredients such as vanilla extract or raisins. Recipes vary from person to person with a few differences in ingredients. The overall look and taste still remains the same. The beverage possesses a creamy consistency similar to a thick milkshake and varies from off-white to beige in color. Crémas has a very sweet, and savory taste that's usually consumed in small amounts. The drink is most popular in Haiti and is served regularly at social events and during the holidays. It's usually consumed along with a sweet pastry of some sort. The drink is often served cold but, it can also be served at room temperature. In recent years, Crémas has been commercialized for sale in both Haiti and the United States. One of the most notable and popular brands of the drink is Dorobe. It is similar to the Puerto Rican Coquito but is not made with eggs.

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