Curley's Atlas Hotel and Baths

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Curley's Atlas Hotel and Baths was a long-standing institution in the Rockaway Park neighborhood of Queens in New York City. The hotel was founded in 1876 by John J. Curley on the beachfront at present-day Beach 102nd Street, in the neighborhood now known as Rockaway Beach or "Irishtown". The hotel was moved to its longer-lasting site at Beach 116th Street (then known as Fifth Avenue) in 1900.

Curley's remained extremely popular well past World War II, and was mentioned in a comedy routine by George Carlin as the place where he was conceived.[1]

The hotel was destroyed by fire on March 31, 1968.



  1. ^ George Carlin, Gambling Magazine. Accessed May 22, 2007. "Looking at Carlin's personally written timeline of his life, his mind was apparently conceived (and the rest of him, too) at Curley's Hotel in Rockaway Beach, N.Y., in August 1936."

Coordinates: 40°34′48″N 73°50′14″W / 40.5800°N 73.8373°W / 40.5800; -73.8373