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This article is about the art style. For other uses, see Dark arts.

Dark art is an art style defined as that being "dark" or unsettling in nature, chiefly that of the 20th century. Called and classified under many names such as gothic, horror, metaphysical, nightmarish, and disturbing, it is a culmination of techniques and styles. It has been presented in many forms by many artists, illustrators and film-makers. It continues to grow in popularity as a part of the horror genre and gothic, music and publishing culture. Today, it is a part of our mainstream culture, crossing over into multiple mediums including advertising, television, film, and marketing. While it has roots in horror, it has been presented as collage, surrealism, abstract, motion graphics, grunge, expressionism, and largely digital art. These pictures are often referred to as "gothic".

Practitioners include the Belgian photographer Cindy Frey, the Argentine photographer Nathália Suellen and the British artist Sam Shearon.

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