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David Arthur Gaines (January 20, 1963 - May 16, 1990) was a NASCAR Limited Sportsman Division race car driver from Goldston, North Carolina.

He was killed in a practice session at Lowes Motor Speedway. In a five-car wreck involving Ted Comstock and Terri Sawyer, David Gaines' car had slowed for the wreck of two cars in front of him, but was hit from the rear by Peter Gibbons. Gaines' car stopped in the middle of the track and was hit broadside by Steve McEachern.[1] The practice in NASCAR at that time was to "race to the start-finish line", a practice that has since been outlawed, being replaced by the "Lucky Dog" rule, which calls for immediate response to a Yellow Flag, with no passing. The first car that is one lap down is allowed to gain the lost lap, rejoining the first lap cars at the end of the line.[2]