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Lydia Charity Schatz was a 7-year-old American child of Liberian origins who was killed in 2010 by her adoptive parents in an attempt to discipline her.[1][2]


Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz lived in Paradise, California. They claimed to follow the teachings about child discipline of the No Greater Joy Ministries, a Fundamentalist Christian organization headed by Michael Pearl and Debi Pearl.[3][4] In 2007, they adopted Lydia along with two other children from Liberia. In the same year, Kevin Schatz also talked about his love for children in an interview with NBC 24 Action News regarding the adoption process.[5]

The Schatz family homeschooled their six biological and three adopted children.[6][7]


On February 5, 2010, Lydia received forceful and numerous whippings with a quarter-inch plastic tubing. She was held down for nine hours by Elizabeth and beaten dozens of times by Kevin on the back of her body, causing massive tissue damage according to Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey. She was being disciplined for apparently mispronouncing a word.[4][6] She died in the hospital on February 6, 2010.[8] Her sister Zariah, 11 years old, was also beaten for "being a liar and a bad influence on the 7-year-old."[6] Zariah was hospitalized in critical condition with severe injuries but she survived.[2][5][7]


Kevin Schatz was found guilty of second degree murder and torture and will serve at least 22 years of imprisonment from two life sentences. Elizabeth Schatz was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and infliction of unlawful corporal punishment and will serve at least 13 years of imprisonment.[9][10]

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