Theodoric I, Margrave of Lusatia

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Theodoric I
Margrave of Lusatia
Reign 1156–1185
Predecessor Conrad
Successor Dedi III
House House of Wettin
Father Conrad, Margrave of Meissen and Lusatia
Mother Liutgard of Elchingen-Ravenstein
Born ca. 1118
Died 9 February 1185

Theodoric I (Dietrich) (ca. 1118 – 9 February 1185) was the Margrave of Lusatia (Orientalis marchio) from 1156 until his death. He was the second surviving son of Conrad, Margrave of Meissen and Lusatia from the House of Wettin, from whom he inherited the latter territory including Eilenburg and Landsberg in 1156, while his elder brother Otto the Rich inherited Meissen.

He married Dobroniega, daughter of the Polish Duke Bolesław III Wrymouth and his wife Salomea of Berg. She gave him a son, Conrad, who predeceased him, and a daughter, Gertruda, who became a nun. His illegitimate son Theodoric, by a mistress named Cunigunde, widowed Countess of Plötzkau, was legitimated on 12 May 1203 and became Bishop of Merseburg in 1204.

Though Theodoric at times called himself a "Margrave of Landsberg", a corresponding political entity was not established before 1261 by Margrave Henry III of Wettin. In 1165, Theodoric founded Dobrilugk Abbey. He was a firm supporter of Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa in the 1157 campaign against High Duke Bolesław IV the Curly of Poland and in the conflict with Henry the Lion.

Theodoric died at Petersberg Abbey and was buried there. His margraviate passed to his brother Dedi III of Groitzsch upon his death.


Theodoric I, Margrave of Lusatia
Born: 1118 Died: 9 February 1185
Preceded by
Margrave of Lusatia
Succeeded by
Dedi III