Dynowarz: Destruction of Spondylus

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Dynowarz: Destruction of Spondylus
Dynowarz: Destruction of Spondylus
The title screen of Dynowarz: Destruction of Spondylus
Developer(s) Advance Communication Company
Publisher(s) Bandai
Artist(s) Ryuki Kasai
Reiko Haketa
Composer(s) Osamu Kasai
Masaaki Harada
Nobuhito Nakayama
Platform(s) Family Computer/NES
Release date(s)
  • JP April 1989
  • NA January 1990
Genre(s) Platformer
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution Cartridge

Dynowarz: Destruction of Spondylus is a game developed and published by Bandai for the Family Computer and the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was released in 1989 in Japan and in 1990 in North America.


  • Cyborasaurus must be unleashed! The DYNOWARZ must begin!


From game box:

Something was terribly wrong in the distant man-made Spondylus Solar System. One by one the planet's central life support computers had been infected with a life-threatening virus while the planet surfaces had been overrun with computerized dinosaurs known as Robosaurs. Under attack in his laboratory on Alpha Planet, Professor Proteus, the mastermind of the Spondylus System and the founder of the Robosaur project suddenly realized that this deadly sabotage could only be the work of his former partner, the deranged Dr. Brainius.

Years earlier, the doctor had fled Alpha Planet after Professor Proteus had exposed him for performing forbidden robotic experiments on human subjects. At last, he has returned to seek his revenge using the Professor's own creations! But little did he realize that Proteus had been hard at work for the past few years perfecting the ultimate Robosaur, Cyborasaurus.

There was only one hope to save the Spondylus System.


There are two modes of gameplay. The player controls either Professor Proteus in his battlesuit, or Cyborasaurus, a truly devastating Robosaur. Capsules that Robosaurs drop can help to keep these two entities alive. Capsules labeled "E" will fully replenish the player's energy. Capsules labeled "B" give the player a full barrier meter. Any damage taken will deplete the barrier meter before affecting the energy meter.

Stages, each on different planets ranging from ice to jungle, begin by piloting Cyborasaurus. The goal is to get to the Artificial Intelligence Compound of each planet. Hoards of Robosaurs stand in the way of Cyborasaurus, including a boss of each level. These behemoths can take far more damage than standard Robosaurs. When defeated, the boss will leave behind a key to the AIC.

When in the AIC, Proteus exits Cyborasaurus. Every AIC has a Life-Support Computer that has been infected with a virus which must be destroyed. Platforms of Deception, Flying Hounds of Destruction, and other obstacles must be circumnavigated before battle with the hideous pulsating Life-Support Computer can begin. When the computer is destroyed, all beasts in the AIC are destroyed along with it. Proteus must then retrace his steps back to Cyborasaurus. Cyborasaurus then must use the Molecular Transporter outside to travel to the next planet.


Professor Proteus battles with a tri-directional gun. Only one shot may be fired at a time from Gun 1, but enemies occasionally drop "P" capsules that upgrade to Gun 2. Gun 2 allows two shots to be fired at once.

There are far more weapon possibilities for Cyborasaurus. Cyborasaurus will battle with its fist if no weapons have been acquired. Robosaurs will leave behind items that give Cyborasaurus different weapons. Unlike the Gun, these weapons can be upgraded twice to increase their potential.

  • Fire Ball - A standard weapon that shoots forward one small fireball. Fire Ball 2 will shoot two fireballs: one forward, and one diagonally up. Fire Ball 3 shoots three fireballs, diagonally up, diagonally down, and forward, making anything standing in front of Cyborasaurus a target.
  • Launch Fist - As the name suggests, Launch Fist shoots Cyborasaurus's fist forward. Upgrading it increases launch speed and distance, with Launch Fist 3 being able to project across the entire screen. One of the greatest benefits of Launch Fist is that after it is launched, it returns to Cyborasaurus and destroys anything that it did not on its first pass.
  • Bomb - A powerful yet difficult to use weapon. A bomb is launched forward from Cyborasaurus's back. Bomb 2 launches a larger bomb, and Bomb 3 an even larger one, and also a large one behind Cyborasaurus. As it is upgraded, the explosive power multiplies.
  • Beam - Cyborasaurus shoots out a large blue beam. With upgrades, large fire balls join the beam diagonally up and down, just as with the Fire Ball upgrades. The fire balls that accompany Beam are larger than those of the Fire Ball weapon, however.

Additionally, by pressing the select button, Cyborasaurus may call down an orbital strike from a space satellite, which will destroy all enemies on the screen. However, as this attack also destroys the satellite, it is limited to a single use per stage.


Dynowarz: Destruction of Spondylus has received mostly negative reviews.[1][2][3] Most complaints of the game include the several bugs, unbalanced gameplay and low quality graphics present in the title. Nintendo Power magazine awarded the game a 6.50 out of 10 when the game was released.[4] The few positive elements mentioned in the predominantly negative reviews praised the cut scene animations, the game's soundtrack, and several of the power ups found throughout the game.

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