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Directed by Pervaiz Malik
Produced by Waheed Murad
Written by Waheed Murad
Starring Waheed Murad
Ibrahim Nafees
Music by Sohail Rana
Distributed by Film Arts
Release dates
3 June 1967
Running time
approx. 3 hours
Country Pakistan
Language Urdu

Ehsaan, a Pakistani Urdu black & white film, was another melodious presentation by Waheed & Malik combination. The film is a melodious love story, starring Waheed Murad, Zeba, Nirala, Rozina, Azad and Ibrahim Nafees. The film was produced by Waheed Murad and directed by Pervaiz Malik.


Ehsaan was released on 3 June 1967 by Film Arts in cinemas of Karachi and Lahore and proved to be one the blockbuster films of 1967. The film completed 12 weeks on main cinemas and 40 weeks in other cinemas of Karachi and became a 'Silver Jubilee film'.[1] The film had completed 50 weeks and became a 'Golden Jubilee film' in Lahore.[citation needed]


The story was written by Waheed Murad. It boasts a sensitive script as psychiatrist Waheed falls in love with and woos young widow (and mother of a young daughter to boot) Zeba, a romance that was decidedly different for its time. Complications obviously arise but the movie remains surprisingly mature and for the most part doesn’t turn into a typical Lollywood melodrama.[2]


During the shootings of Ehsaan, Zeba got married with Mohammad Ali, an arch rival of Waheed Murad. Zeba, instead of reaching Karachi for completing her shootings and honoring her commitment, probably went on a honeymoon. That meant dismantling of the film's set and a big financial loss to Film Arts. Waheed on being told of Zeba’s marriage blurted out, "not again!... She is turning into an Elizabeth Taylor," he said, after a pause. The film was shot in Eastern Film Studio of Karachi.[3]


The music and the songs are not uniformly brilliant as like in Heera aur pathar, Armaan and Doraha, but there are a couple of absolutely lovely numbers such as Eik naye more par... and Do akhian.... The music is composed by Sohail Rana and the songs are written by Masroor Anwar.



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