El Diario de Hoy

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El Diario de Hoy
Type Daily newspaper
Founded 1936
Language Spanish
Headquarters San Salvador, El Salvador
Official website www.elsalvador.com

El Diario de Hoy (Today's Daily) is a national newspaper published in San Salvador, El Salvador, one of the two dailies of highest circulation in the Central American country. Established in 1936, the Spanish-language paper is generally associated with a politically conservative orientation[citation needed] .

The newspaper also has weekly publications, such as the children's section Guanaquín ("Little guanaco," or little Salvadoran), and regional editions such as El Diario del Oriente, which focuses on the northeastern region.

El Diario de Hoy is part of Periódicos Asociados Latinoamericanos (Latin American Newspaper Association), an organization of leading newspapers in South America.


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