Entre Douro e Vouga

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Map showing the location of the Entre Douro e Vouga subregion

Entre Douro e Vouga (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˌẽtɾɨ ˌdoɾu ɨ ˈvoɡɐ]) is a NUTS3 Portuguese subregion integrated in the NUTS2 Norte Region, part of (O)Porto Metropolitan Area. Its name stands for the fact that it covers an area between the Douro River and Vouga River. It is bordered in the north by Grande Porto Subregion and Tâmega Subregion and in the south by the Centro Region (Baixo Vouga and Dão-Lafões).

It has a total surface area of 858 km² (the third smallest) and a population of 283,856 inhabitants for a density of 330 hab/km².

The main urban centres are the cities of Santa Maria da Feira, Oliveira de Azeméis and São João da Madeira, each of them counting approximately 20,000 inhabitants. Other cities:Lourosa, Fiães and Vale de Cambra (all with less than 10,000). Its main economic activity is centered in light industry, paper and agriculture transformation (mainly rice and cork) and shoe fabrication.


Its municipalities are:

All of the above municipalities have city status, except Arouca.

Coordinates: 40°54′N 8°30′W / 40.900°N 8.500°W / 40.900; -8.500