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Fax was a show by the BBC one, shown in the 1980s. It was presented by Bill Oddie, Wendy Leavesley, Debbie Rix and Billy Butler. The series first appear on Tuesday 7 Jan 1986 at 17.35, sharing its slot with Masterteam, Rolf Harris cartoon and sitcoms. Viewers would write in questions for the team to answered in each episode.

Fax third series was moved to a Sunday teatime slot, when Michael Grade moved the Australian soap Neighbours to the early evening.


  • Series one: 7 January - 7 March 1986: 16 Episodes. (Tuesday and Friday) [1]
  • Series two: 6 January - 27 February 1987: 14 Episodes (Tuesday and Friday) [2]
  • Series three: 3 January - 24 April 1988: 17 episodes (Sundays) [3]