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For the Archie Comics character, see Flygirl.

Flygirl is a fictional character. She was introduced in Malibu Comics' Freex #10 (1994) as a member of the Academy of the New Elite, an organization created by Contrary to teach young Ultras to control their powers.

Character biography[edit]

Flygirl, Feline and other members of the Academy take care of the burial of Michael Rafani, a member of Freex who was killed by Rafferty. The Academy has had conflicts with the Freex before.

Flygirl appears in the four part Godwheel series. Along with fellow Freex associates Cayman, Feline and Pressure she is forcibly kidnapped to another dimension by the god-deity Argus. This entity also brings forth many other superheroes and villains that magic had told him would prove effective in collecting the 'Three Keys' to the 'Crucible of Life'. Naturally, the heroes and villains fight each other. In the end, most of the villains ally with Argus and the rest flee.

In Godwheel #2, Flygirl is traveling with the heroes on the Godyacht, a sentient ship. It contains the mind of Ogma, who tells them of the incredibly large realm of the Godwheel and how the activation of the Crucible will grant any wish. Not wanting Argus to have it, the group agrees to split up to gain the keys. Hardcase, a super-durable Hollywood superhero and Flygirl transport down to Godwheel, a realm larger than a typical solar system. The two specifically land in the Aerwa, which is described as the source of magic. High in a cliff-side cavern, they spot one of the Keys, the one called the Roc's Egg.

Unfortunately, Argus has been monitoring the Godyacht and sends one of his minions, Lord Pumpkin a few steps ahead of the pair. A battle ensues. Flygirl is killed in a magical blast and plunges over the side. The Roc's Egg is lost to Argus and Pumpkin himself is slain for thoughts of treachery. Hardcase survives to carry the bad news to the rest of the heroes.


Flygirl is able to generate a set of large butterfly-like wings, enabling her to fly. She can also carry at least one other person.