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Foo Foo is a little white/pink pet poodle belonging to fictional comic strip character, Walter the Softy in The Beano. Foo Foo's main enemy in The Beano is Dennis's pet dog Gnasher. His character and personality is much like that of Walter's. He is portrayed as a camp, effeminate dog, in comparison to the burly, almost aggressive personality of Gnasher, who is usually seen tormenting him.

History of the Character[edit]

In March 1986, with Gnasher's short disappearance, Foo Foo got his own strip in The Beano, named "Foo Foo's Fairy Story". Gnasher reappeared in May of that year with his new puppies, notably Gnipper. After the 2009 redesign of Dennis the Menace, Foo-Foo vanished from the comics for quite a while. However, the character recently reappeared in issue 3594,[1] where there was also reference made to his previous absence. In Issue 3648, Walter abandons Foo-Foo after he caught Gnasher's fleas. The next issue, Walter adopted a pet cat named Claudius.

Walter's other Pets[edit]

At times Walter has had other pets including a cat called fluffy and a dog called Tiddlums. Tiddlums appeared in the same comic strip in which Gnasher first appeared [2] and seems to have been replaced by Foo-Foo or was used as one off dog for Walter.

Death of creator[edit]

Comic scriptwriter Ian Gray died in Fife on 6 September 2007. He is credited for the creation of Dennis the Menace, Gnasher, Minnie the Minx and The Bash Street Kids.[3]

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