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Fysicum is the Physics department of Lund University, Sweden

The Department of Physics in Lund is a cooperative organization for nearly 300 scientists and educators and technical and administrative personnel. Main goals are to expand the understanding of physics, its applications and to share scientific progress to new generations. The department also teaches fundamental physics to over one thousand students each year. Beside offering courses and a master's programme in pure physics, it also provides physics education for the engineering programmes at the engineering faculty.


Famous Scientists with activity at Fysicum:


The Department of Physics is organized into the following research divisions:[1]

The department hosts the Lund Nano Lab, part of the Nanometer Structure Consortium, an interdisciplinary research enivronment for nanoscience and its applications in electronics, the life sciences etc.[2]

The Fysicum building is also the site for the Department of Theoretical Physics, doing research in[3]


Apart from education and research Fysicum also arranges seminars and colloquiums for the public. Among the most known and reappearing frequently is the Laser and Physics show which combines physical experiments on stage with a 15 minutes laser show making use of over 400 individual lasers.


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