Ga–Fante War

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The Ga–Fante War in 1811 was a war in the Ashanti Confederacy situated roughly in present day Ghana.

It involved a series of battles between the Asante and their allies, the Ga people of Accra, against an alliance of the Fanti, Akyem and Akuapem states. There was a series of battles. The Asante won the initial battle, but then had to retreat because the Akwapim/Akim made effective use of guerrilla tactics in what is now the Akuapem Hills. The Asante were at a disadvantage because they did not know the terrain and the Akwapim/Akeym did. Emboldened by the victory over the Ashanti, the Akwapim/Akyem also went on to fight colonial Europeans forces; they advanced on and captured a Dutch fort and a British fort at Apam and Tantamkweri respectively (both in the central coastal part of modern-day Ghana).

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