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The Gadabout was an unusual American automobile manufactured in Newark, New Jersey from 1913 until 1915. A four-cylinder cyclecar, it had a body woven from so-called "waterproof reeds"; Wise describes it as "looking like a mobile wastepaper basket".

A much later car with no connection to the first, also called "The Gadabout" , was invented by Ray Russell in the mid 1940's, with an alloy body on a MG frame. The later Gadabout was featured in many World War Two publications as a model post-war car, with proposed specs listed as:

' The two-cycle, air-cooled engine with direct fuel injection and turbocharger would have been mounted either in front or in back at the owner’s discretion.'

The project was not funded, so only the original 'Gadabout' was ever produced.