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Gates Chili Central School District
Type and location
Type Public
Motto Together we teach and inspire excellence for all learners
Grades Pre-K12 and adult education
Established September 1956 (1956-09)
Region Gates, New York and Chili, New York
Country United States
Location 1 Spartan Way
Rochester, New York 14624
Coordinates 43°09′12″N 77°42′36″W / 43.153415°N 77.709906°W / 43.153415; -77.709906 (District office)Coordinates: 43°09′12″N 77°42′36″W / 43.153415°N 77.709906°W / 43.153415; -77.709906 (District office)
District information
Superintendent Kimberle A. Ward
Asst. Superintendent(s) Carol Stehm
Accreditation(s) New York State Education Department
Schools Four elementary schools (K–5)
One middle school (6–8)
One senior high school (9–12)
Budget Decrease US $92,196,851 (2013–2014)</ small>[1]
NCES District ID 3611880[2]
Students and staff
Students Increase 4305 (2013–2014)[1]
Teachers Decrease 414 (2013–2014)[1]
Staff Increase 374 (2013–2014)[1]
District mascot Spartan
Colors Blue/White
Other information
Unions NYSUT, Gates Chili Teachers' Association

The Gates Chili Central School District is a public school district in Rochester, New York that serves approximately 4,300 students in most of the town of Gates and a large portion of the town of Chili in Monroe County, with over 850 employees and an operating budget of $92 million (approx. $21,395 per student).[1]

The Gates Chili school district opened in September 1956 as a consolidation of four Union free School districts (Thomas Edison, Warren Harding, Washington Irving and Florence Brasser), approved by voters of the four districts on December 8, 1955. The District celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2006.

The average class size is 22 students (elementary), and 21 students (middle-high school). The student-teacher ratio is 13:1 (elementary), 13:1 (middle-high school).

Kimberle Ward is the Superintendent of Schools. Dr. Mark C Davey, the Former Superintendent, retired in August 2013. Ward was selected as Superintendent in December, 2013.[3]

The District's motto is "Each day we create the Right Conditions for Learning with Relationships, Relevance, and Rigor guided by The Spartan Way". "Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, and Hardwork" is the Spartan Way.


The Board of Education (BOE) consists of nine members who serve rotating three-year terms. Elections are held each May for board members and to vote on the school district's budget.

Board members for the 2013–2014 school year are:[4]

  • Lowell Benjamin, Jr., President
  • Rhonda Laskoski, Vice President
  • Michael Bailey
  • Debra Bennett
  • Barbara Huether Clark
  • James Crider
  • Kelly Glover
  • Mary Frances Johnson
  • David Lane
Name Tenure
Cecil W. Luffman September 1956 – June 1962
William J. Kirkmire July 1962 – 1967
William G. Hagenlocher 1967 – 1977
William J. Dadey 1977 – 2003
Richard A. Stein February 2003 – December 2008
Richard E. Mace January 2009 – July 2009
Mark C. Davey July 2009 – August 2013
Kimberle Ward Currently serving since February 2014


Elementary schools[edit]


  • Washington Irving Elementary School (K-5) (closed 1986 due to declining enrollment. Re-opened in 1992 and closed again in 2008)
  • Warren Harding Elementary School (closed 1982, now Northstar Christian Academy)
  • Thomas Edison Elementary School (closed 1980 due to declining enrollment, now Hope Hall)

Middle school[edit]

High school[edit]

Beginning in 2005, the Gates Chili High School began extensive renovations, partnering with AScribe. The renovations, which concluded on September 11, 2008 at a cost of approximately $48,000,000 USD, created a larger library and guidance counseling wing, added a new Science Atrium, added a new front entrance, created more parking spaces for students and faculty, and built a new field house, housing an indoor track, fitness center, and pool. Residents of both Gates and Chili are eligible to sign up to use the new athletic facilities.[5]

Phase X Capital Project and Redistricting[edit]

In October 2012, Gates Chili voters approved a measure to begin repairing infrastructure in all six of the schools. The estimated cost, $10.8 million, would be covered by state grants and reserve funds. Scheduled fixes include complete roof replacements at several of the schools, upgrading windows to provide energy conservation, and structural repairs to nearly every school. Repairs to the outdoor football and track stadium lighting is also budgeted into this project. The project began its work this past summer, and is scheduled to be completed by the end of Summer 2014.[6]

In 2013, the Gates Chili School District proposed a redistricting for the remaining four elementary schools - Paul Road, Florence Brasser, Neil Armstrong, and Walt Disney - beginning in September 2014. The current plans would remove 75 ESOL students from Florence Brasser and split them into two sub groups at Paul Road and Walt Disney. Redistricting would also even out enrollment levels at all four schools - Paul Road and Neil Armstrong would see their enrollment cut by roughly 75 students, leaving them with 475 kids. Walt Disney would get about 61 students to put them at 475 as well, and Florence Brasser would get 67 students to put them at 350 students. The plan is still being worked out, with a deadline of Spring 2014 for a final decision.[7]

Noted alumni[edit]

Name Class Noted For
Lou Gramm
(real name Louis Grammatico)[8]
Lead singer of the 1980s rock band "Foreigner"
Kenneth Bianchi
Hillside Strangler
John Fossitt[9]
Keyboardist for Bruno Mars
Ernest Jackson
Wide receiver for the BC Lions
Brittanee Drexel
Went missing during a spring break trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 2009 and has been neither seen nor heard from since.


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