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Gildo Seisdedos, spanish economist specialized in city marketing

Gildo Seisdedos, (May 14, 1967), is a Spanish economist and lawyer specialized in city marketing and smart cities, who manages international forums on urban planning. Ph.D. in Urban Economics, he is a professor at the IE Business School, lecturer and editor in media and international publications. He has published several books, highlighting Cómo gestionar las ciudades del siglo XXI (Managing 21st-century cities), published in Spanish by Prentice Hall (Financial Times).


After completing his studies he worked in various companies and started his career as a researcher and consultant for urban management and city marketing.[1]
In 2007 he concluded his doctoral thesis "Marketing as a strategy tool for the design of urban development “, and began his career as a consultant in different world regions and cities: Madrid,[2] Segovia, Cuenca, Zaragoza, Nuevo Hamburgo (Brasil), Barcelona, Burgos,[3] Bogotá, Cuenca (Ecuador), Almería, Irún, Viena and Omán, where he participated in the planning project of the Sultanate.[4]
As a professional in sustainable urbanism and smart cities,[5] promotes the efficient management of cities that also incorporates technology to citizens.[6] He favors innovation and infrastructure services through ICTs, to compete successfully and attract funding, tourism and talent.[7]
His book Cómo gestionar las ciudades del siglo XXI (Managing 21st-century cities) (2007) published in Spanish, introduced a new methodology, the UDS or urban development strategy, which included physical planning, strategic town and city brand marketing, and it´s changing the way that cities face the new competitive environment.[8]
Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Town and City Management[9] and Sustainable City magazine, where he is a regular contributor, participates in international conferences, forums and workshops on the future of the management of cities,[10] in search of greater competitiveness, sustainability and social cohesion.[11]


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