Harmanecká Cave

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Harmanecká Cave

Harmanecká Cave or Harmanec Cave (Slovak: Harmanecká jaskyňa, Hungarian: Hermándi barlang) is a stalactite cave in Central Slovakia. It is located in the Staré Hory and Kremnica mountain ranges and close to the Veľká Fatra mountains. The closest villages are Harmanec and Dolný Harmanec; Banská Bystrica is around 16 km south east of the cave.

The entrance to the cave had long been known. But it was only in 1932 that M. Bacúrik started to explore the cave further. Soon the speleologists discovered other parts of the cave. A 720-metre section, out of the known length of 1,500 m, has been opened to the public since 1950.

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Coordinates: 48°49′22″N 19°01′58″E / 48.82278°N 19.03278°E / 48.82278; 19.03278