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Recina, Helvia Recina
Helvia Recina.jpg
Helvia Recina - Roman Theatre
Ricina is located in Italy
Shown within Italy
Alternate name Helvia Recina
Location Macerata, Province of Macerata, Marche, Italy
Coordinates 43°19′40.64″N 13°25′26.72″E / 43.3279556°N 13.4240889°E / 43.3279556; 13.4240889Coordinates: 43°19′40.64″N 13°25′26.72″E / 43.3279556°N 13.4240889°E / 43.3279556; 13.4240889
Type Settlement
Cultures Ancient Rome

Ricina or Helvia Recina is an ancient town of Picenum, Italy, 5 km NW of the modern Macerata, on the banks of the River Potenza, in a fertile valley.


It was probably a municipium until it was refounded by Pertinax and Septimius Severus, after which it bore the name Colonia Helvia Ricina Pertinax. The site is now deserted, but considerable ruins of a theatre and remains of baths and other buildings (all in brickwork of the Imperial period) still exist; also the fragments of an ancient bridge over the Potenza. Flavian of Ricina was a bishop here in the 3rd century.


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