I'm Addicted

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"I'm Addicted"
Song by Madonna from the album MDNA
Recorded 2011; MSR Studios (New York, New York)
Genre Dance, electro house
Length 4:33
  • Madonna
  • Benny Benassi
  • Alle Benassi
MDNA track listing
"Gang Bang"
"I'm Addicted"
"Turn Up the Radio"

"I'm Addicted" is a song recorded by American singer-songwriter Madonna for her twelfth studio album MDNA (2012). It was written and produced by Madonna, Benny Benassi and Alle Benassi. "I'm Addicted" is a dance, electro house song, with a synthy breakdown and a 90s house chorus. The song talks about being addicted to love, comparing the rush of hormones with narcotics. At the song's finale the singer chants the album title repeatedly, a play on words of her name and MDMA, which, is the drug also known as ecstasy.

The song received positive reviews from music critics, who agreed that it will sound fantastic loud and hard on the dance floor and called it a catchy club tune. Critics also praised the lyrics and deemed as the best song on the album. The song charted at 124 on the South Korean International Singles Chart due to strong downloads prior to its proposed released. It was included on the setlist of The MDNA Tour.


Benny Benassi had previously worked with Madonna in a remix of her 2009 single "Celebration".[1]

On July 4, 2011, Madonna's manager Guy Oseary, announced that Madonna entered the studio to begin the recording sessions for her twelfth studio album.[2] Madonna then enlisted record producer Benny Benassi to work with her on the project.[3] Benassi had previously worked with her in a remix of her 2009 single "Celebration". In fact, Madonna picked him up personally to remix the single, which was included on the official music video for the song.[1] A few demos produced by him were then sent to songwriter Jenson Vaughan, who was "attracted to his lyrics". After being reworked, the demos were returned to the label, and later sent to Madonna's manager Guy Oseary. Oseary commented that the singer "loved [the producer]. Benny is such a quality person; I think that made it all flow so much easier."[3] She travelled to London to record several demos with Benny and Alle Benassi, with "Girl Gone Wild", "I'm Addicted" and "Best Friend" being included on MDNA's final track listing.[1]

During their recording sessions, Madonna had to communicate with the Italian-speaking Benny via his English-speaking cousin. Benny explained to Italian newspaper La Stampa that Madonna told the Benassis that she chose them as, "this record is meant to be a declaration of love to the world of disco, in which she was born. An album that gathers together all the styles and atmospheres that have characterized international night life over the last ten years. And to her, we represent Italian Dance music, immediately recognizable, the one 'made in Reggio Emilia' in which melody is the vital element."[4][5]

Benassi further commented about working with Madonna in an interview for Gulf News:

"The credit goes to my producer Alle Benassi, too. Having the opportunity to produce songs for Madonna is a great achievement for us and we’re delighted to be on board. She is very, very professional and has very clear ideas about what she wants in the studio. She was also very nice to us and immediately made us feel welcome and comfortable. No gossip, I’m afraid!."[1]


A 27-second sample of "I'm Addicted", where Madonna sings about being addicted to someone, over electrohouse beats.[6] At the end, she chants the album title over and over, a play on words of her name and the drug MDMA.[7]

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The song makes allusion to the drug "MDMA", which has become widely known as "ecstasy", in popular culture.

"I'm Addicted" was written and produced by Madonna, Alle Benassi and Benny Benassi.[8] It is a dance and electrohouse song,[9] with synth sequences build into fizzing swells and stabs, bleeping and swooshing all the way.[6] According to Star Observer, the track builds from quiet verses into an ear-splitting ’90s house chorus.[9] While Michael Cragg of The Guardian wrote the song has "squiggly synth squelches and a beat that morphs into a fairly ridiculous Calvin Harris-esque breakdown."[10] According to Nick Levine of The National, it is a song that’s like a post-Guetta take on her mid-Noughties work Confessions on a Dance Floor.[11]

Lyrically, it talks about being addicted to love, comparing the rush of hormones with narcotics.[6] "When did your name change from a word to a charm?" asks Madonna.[12] "All of the letters push to the front of my mouth/ And saying your name is somewhere between a prayer and a shout," she cries.[13] The lines "Your name is somewhere between a prayer and a shout" and "When did your name change from language to magic" were praised by some critics.[14] In the bridge of the song, she sings: "When I hear your voice, something happens to me and I have no choice" channeling "Like a Prayer."[15] Sal Cinquemani of Slant Magazine commented that the lyrics are a meditation on the power of language that's both profound ("All of the letters push to the front of my mouth/And saying your name is somewhere between a prayer and a shout") and tongue-in-cheek ("I'm a dick-, I'm a dick-, I'm addicted to your love").[16] At the song's finale the singer chants the album title over and over, a play on words of her name (MaDoNnA) and MDMA, which, is the non-family-friendly club drug also known as ecstasy.[7]

Critical response[edit]

The song received praise from music critics. Bradley Stern wrote for MTV News that the song is "the lifeblood of MDNA. It revels in the ecstatic state of 'Ray of Light,' the trance of 'Get Together,' and throws in some rather unexpectedly poetic lyricism to boot. By the time the chants of 'M-D-N-A!,' kick in during the final seconds, there's no looking back -- it's aural addiction."[13] Laurence Green of musicOMH praised the track, writing: "Likewise with I’m Addicted, Madonna seems to have hit upon the most important element of MDNA and her continued persistence as a relevant pop star: creating music that makes people feel good. Bass explodes likes an atomic volcano, burbly techno synths splice across like something off Daft Punk's Tron soundtrack."[17] Maura Johnston of The Village Voice also enjoyed the track, writing: "It is probably the best song on the album, with Madonna's voice processed to next week and a thumping beat that will probably sound great at 3 a.m. early Monday. It's the sort of song that Madonna has always done best—it doesn't merely pay homage to cultural trends, but instead models them in her own image."[18] Amy Sciarretto of Pop Crush named it "a club banger with an escalating tempo. It’s probably the biggest roof raiser on the record, thanks to the synths and vocal processing."[19] Melinda Newman of HitFix wrote that the song with its bouncing synth line, is, at its heart, "a fun ‘70s pop tune." [20] Dean Piper of Daily Mirror described the track, by writing: "Euphoric and addictive. This song needs to be played loud and for the satisfaction of a dance floor. It's heavily Benny Benassi and by the end you want to get up and squeal: 'I'm addicted to your looooovvvvve.'[21] In a review for Billboard magazine, Keith Caulfield wrote that:

"Hey, you wanna go dancing? We'll meet Madonna at the club, as she's got this fantastic, swirling, digital get-down number she wants to play for us. "Something happens to me when I hear your voice and I have no choice," Madonna sings on the hypnotic, Daft Punk-y song. And when Madonna says in a cool, instructive tone, "I need to dance," you know what -- you'll need to dance too.[8]

Madonna performing "I'm Addicted" during The MDNA Tour

Melissa Maerz of Entertainment Weekly called it a warm ode to a crush, which offers a good excuse to join in when she says, 'I need to dance'."[22] Thomas Conner of Chicago Sun-Times expressed: "It's a whirling synth gem that should have been a single."[23] The Star Observer called it a "wall-of-sound electro house banger, which sounds like Girl Gone Wild done right."[9] Randall Roberts of Los Angeles Times called it "a driving love anthem, which accomplish a key goal of most of Madonna’s work.[24] Emily Mackay of The Quietus named it "better, bubbly and glinting."[14] Enio Chiola of PopMatters called it "weirdly hypnotic and self-destructive."[25] Neil McCormick of The Daily Telegraph named it a "very effective digital pop that will sound fantastic loud and hard on the dance floor."[6] However, McCormick perceived that "like so many songs on Madonna’s 12th studio album, lyrics appear to have been added as an afterthought."[6] Virgin Media agreed, commenting: "It's a Daft Punk-like club banger hymning the joys of infatuation. In truth, it's one of MDNA's thinner and less satisfying tracks, with Ms Ciccone's helium squeal serving as a reminder that for all of her ideas, charisma and iconic status, she's never been much of a singer."[12]

Live performances[edit]

"I'm Addicted" was included on the setlist of The MDNA Tour (2012), as the first song of the last act.[26] As the show nears its end, a disco-glam Joan d’Arc-inspired Madonna appears at the end of the runway.[27][28] The performance ends with a Kung Fu inspired routine, similar to that of "Sky Fits Heaven" from the Drowned World Tour (2001).[29]

Credits and personnel[edit]

  • Songwriting – Madonna, Alessandro “Alle” Benassi & Marco “Benny” Benassi
  • Production – Madonna, Marco “Benny” Benassi & Alessandro “Alle” Benassi
  • Co-production - The Demolition Crew
  • Mixing and recording – Demacio “Demo” Castellon for The Demolition Crew
  • Editing & Additional Programming  - Stephen “The Koz” Kozmeniuk for The Demolition Crew
  • Recording  - Angie Teo
  • Editing & Assistant Engineer  - Kenta Yonesaka

Credits adapted from the liner notes of MDNA, Interscope Records, Live Nation.[30]


In South Korea, the song debuted at number 124 on the Gaon International Downloads Chart.[31]

Chart (2012) Peak
South Korean International Downloads Chart[31] 124


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