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Information & Quality Healthcare
Motto Transforming Healthcare In Mississippi
Formation 1971
Legal status Nonprofit Corporation
Purpose Healthcare quality
Headquarters Ridgeland, Mississippi, U.S.
Region served
United States
Becky Roberson
Main organ
Board of Directors

Founded in 1971, Information & Quality Healthcare (IQH), also known as the Mississippi Foundation For Medical Care (MFMC), an independent, Mississippi, not-for-profit corporation, has secured the trust of the Mississippi health care community as a result of the depth of experience, knowledge and longevity of the staff and its solid base of physician support. IQH has worked in quality improvement under contract with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for over 40 years and provided tobacco cessation services since 1999. CMS has recently restructured the QIO program to a more regional structure with 14 entities known as Quality Innovation Networks (QIN-QIOs). IQH is a part of the newly formed atom Alliance. The alliance comprises Qsource (Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee); Information and Quality Healthcare, Mississippi; and Alabama Quality Assurance Foundation.

Dr. Arthur A. Derrick Memorial Award recipients[edit]

The Arthur A. Derrick Award that is presented annually by IQH to recognize a physician’s outstanding efforts to the quality program was created in 1993 in memory of Dr. Derrick. The Durant, Mississippi physician is remembered for his special contributions to medicine in the state and as a long-time supporter of quality improvement and the organization’s work. The award emphasizes the importance of quality improvement.

  • 2013: Edward E. Bryant
  • 2012: Magdi Wassef
  • 2011: William Jackson
  • 2010: Rodney Frothingham
  • 2009: Samuel Peeples[1][2]
  • 2008: Lee Greer
  • 2007: Leonard Brandon
  • 2007: Steven Brandon
  • 2006: Steve Parvin
  • 2005: Stanley Hartness
  • 2004: Ken Davis
  • 2003: Ralph Dunn
  • 2002: Tom Mitchell
  • 2001: Alton Cobb
  • 2000: Candace Keller
  • 1999: David Lee Gordon
  • 1998: Jack Evans
  • 1997: Glenn Peters
  • 1996: George Abraham
  • 1995: John Cook
  • 1994: Richard Miller
  • 1993: Tom Fenter

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