J'en ai marre!

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"J'en ai marre!"
Single by Alizée
from the album Mes Courants Électriques
Released February 2003
Genre French pop, dance-pop
Length 5:12
Label Polydor
Writer(s) Mylène Farmer
Producer(s) Mylène Farmer
Laurent Boutonnat
Alizée singles chronology
"J'en ai marre!"
"J'ai pas vingt ans"

"J'en ai marre !" (English: "I'm fed up!") is Alizée's fifth single. Released in February 2003, it had the single version of the song followed by an instrumental version. Later on three remixes were made available in special editions of the single. Internationally, it was released as "I'm Fed Up!". In Japan, it was released as "Mon bain de mousse" ("My Foam Bath") along with a music video and a remix version of the song.

Music video[edit]

The video, filmed on 4 February 2003 and directed by Olivier Megaton, premiered 19 February 2003 on M6. It's the first video for a song from Alizée's second album.

In the video, Alizée, dressed in a red jumpsuit, is enclosed in a glass cubicle, big enough for her to move freely. Some scenes show her creeping against the glass wall, some show her throwing a tennis ball towards the wall; one particular scene shows her throwing a camera to the ground and smashing it in the process. Throughout the video, water is poured into the cubicle, making Alizée wet. In the middle of the video, i.e. towards the final chorus, Alizée punches the cubicle and it breaks.

Formats and track listings[edit]

French CD Single

  1. "J'en ai marre !" – 4:35
  2. "J'en ai marre !" (Instrumental Mix) – 5:05

French CD maxi single

  1. "J'en ai marre !" (Single Version) – 4:35
  2. "J'en ai marre !" (Soft Skin Club Mix) – 7:40
  3. "J'en ai marre !" (Bubbly Club Remix) – 7:50
  4. "J'en ai marre !" (My Goldfish is Under me Remix) – 3:40

French 12" vinyl single

A Side:

  1. "J'en ai marre !" (Soft Skin Club Mix) – 7:40

B Side:

  1. "J'en ai marre !" (Bubbly Club Remix) – 7:50
  2. "J'en ai marre !" (My Goldfish is Under me Remix) – 3:40

Charts and sales[edit]