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Launched 26 February 2007
Owned by Nelonen Media
Audience share 3.1% (2011, [1])
Country Finland
Broadcast area Finland
Replaced Nelonen Plus
(2003 - February 2007)
Sister channel(s) Nelonen
Nelonen HD
Nelonen Prime
Nelonen Nappula
Nelonen Maailma
Nelonen Pro 1
Nelonen Pro 2
Website www.jimtv.fi
Digital terrestrial Channel 9
Elisa Channel 14
Welho Channel 14
DNA Channel 9

JIM (abbr. of Jotain ihan muuta, in English Something completely different) is a Finnish national television channel that replaced Nelonen Plus on 26 February 2007.

The programming of the channel consists of imported programs; mainly do-it-yourself programs, documentaries and popular series such as Fifth Gear, Wheeler Dealers, Penn & Teller: Bullshit!. It often has reruns of drama series such as Rome, Lost, 4400, Sleeper Cell and Brotherhood. Also, it features some lesser-known television series, such as Life After People, Bondi Rescue, Speeders, Takeshi's Castle, Kenny vs. Spenny, and Ninja Warrior.


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