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Jamie Owens-Collins (b. Jamie Owens, 1954) is an American Contemporary Christian musician and songwriter.

She was the child of Jimmy and Carol Owens and was raised in Oakland, California, where her parents wrote and staged Christian musicals. As a teenager, she performed on several of her parents' albums, which made her a star in the Jesus music movement, and led to her releasing her first album, Laughter in Your Soul, in 1973. This album was the best-selling Christian music album in Britain in 1975.[1] A second release materialized in 1975, and shortly thereafter she married Christian music executive Dan Collins[disambiguation needed], becoming Jamie Owens-Collins. In 1976 she co-wrote a musical, Firewind, with The Talbot Brothers, and two albums for Sparrow Records followed in 1978 and 1980. Owens-Collins and her husband performed with the Maranatha Praise Band from 1989-1995, offering musical backing to evangelists such as Franklin Graham and Greg Laurie.



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