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The Japan Photographic Society (日本写真会[1] Nihon Shashinkai?) is a compact organization of photographers founded in 1924 that has continued to this day.

Unrelated to an earlier organization with the same name, the JPS grew out of the Shiseido Junior Photo Circle (シセイドウ・フォト・ジュニオル・サークル Shiseidō Foto Junioru Sākuru?) and the Kōga-kai (光画会[2]).[3] Founded in 1924, its first president was Shinzō Fukuhara, and its other founding members included the amateur photographers Rosō Fukuhara, Kiichirō Ishida, Isao Kakefuda, Maroni Kumazawa, Yasutarō Mori, Masajirō Sakai, Hekisui Yamanaka, and Jiichirō Yasukōchi. Among the members who joined soon after was Yasuzō Nojima, in 1926.

From 1925, the JPS held a joint exhibition once a year.

The JPS was suspended in 1944, but restarted in 1946.



  1. ^ In the orthography of the time of its foundation, 日本寫眞會.
  2. ^ In the orthography of the time, 光畫會
  3. ^ The account of the early days derives from Iizawa, pp. 19–20, 121.

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