Jigsaw (U.S. TV series)

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Genre Crime drama
Written by Walter Doniger
Jerrold Freedman
David Friedkin
Ken Pettus
Mark Rodgers
Robert E. Thompson
Leigh Vance
Directed by Marc Daniels
Walter Grauman
Barry Shear
Starring James Wainwright
Pernell Roberts
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 8
Producer(s) Stanley Kallis
Harry Tatelman
Running time 60 mins.
Original channel ABC
Original release September 20, 1972 – March 3, 1973

Jigsaw is a television crime drama that aired as an element of the short-lived wheel series The Men, part of the ABC network's 1972-73 lineup. Universal Television produced Jigsaw; the same studio had previously been responsible for a series which, in part, inspired The Men: The NBC Mystery Movie.


The program starred James Wainwright as Lt. Frank Dain, who worked as an investigator for the California State Police Department's Bureau of Missing Persons. Dain was a rebel who chafed at standard police procedures and techniques, but was always effective in finding the person for whom he was searching. He pieced each case together as if it were a jigsaw puzzle. Shortly before the series' cancellation, Dain was booted from the bureau and set up shop as a private eye.[1]


Ep # Title Airdate
Pilot "Jigsaw" (aka "Man on the Move") March 26, 1972
1 "A Badge on Fire" September 20, 1972
2 "Hard Time" October 12, 1972
3 "The Bradley Affair" November 2, 1972
4 "To Stalk the Night" November 30, 1972
5 "Finder's Fee" December 21, 1972
6 "Kiss the Dream Goodbye" February 17, 1973
7 "Girl on the Run" February 24, 1973
8 "In Case of Emergency, Notify Clint Eastwood" March 3, 1973


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