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This article is about the musician. For the footballer, see Joe Payne (footballer).

Joseph "Joe" Payne is an American musician. He was born in Tampa, Florida in 1984. He is a heavy metal bassist and guitarist. Until 2011, Payne played bass in the metal band Divine Heresy with Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares, vocalist Travis Neal and ex-Vital Remains and Hate Eternal drummer Tim Yeung.[1]

Payne joined death metal band Nile in early 2005 for their American and European tours after learning eleven Nile songs in only three days.[citation needed] In February 2007, Karl Sanders confirmed that Payne had been fired by the band in a posting on the band's message board1, stating, "I guess I have to spell it out. Yes, Joe is fired." Sanders did not go on to elaborate on the reasons for Payne's dismissal. Payne is very close friends with film producer/musician Pascual Romero.

In late 2012, Payne and an associate were arrested in connection with an investigation into the distribution of more than 2,900 grams of marijuana.[2]


  • Domination Through Impurity - vocalist, lead guitarist
  • Pain After Death - lead guitarist
  • Strains - rap and rhymes

Former bands[edit]

  • Nile (2005–2007) - touring bassist and backing vocalist
  • Divine Heresy - bassist
  • Lust of Decay - bassist
  • A Sudden Fear - lead guitarist


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