Juruá River

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For the city in Amazonas state in Brazil, see Juruá, Amazonas.
Map of the Amazon Basin with the Juruá River highlighted

The Juruá River (Portuguese Rio Juruá; Spanish Río Yurúa) is a southern affluent river of the Amazon River west of the Purus River, sharing with this the bottom of the immense inland Amazon depression, and having all the characteristics of the Purus as regards curvature, sluggishness and general features of the low, half-flooded forest country it traverses. It rises among the Ucayali highlands, and is navigable and unobstructed for a distance of 1133 miles (1823 km) above its junction with the Amazon. It has a total length of approximately 1500 miles (2414 km), and is one of the longest tributaries of the Amazon.

Coordinates: 2°38′09″S 65°45′22″W / 2.635789°S 65.756149°W / -2.635789; -65.756149