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Kiki Djan (1957 – 10 June 2004) was a Ghanaian musician who was the keyboardist with the band Osibisa, once popular in the 1970s.

Born into a middle-class family in Takoradi,[1] Ghana, Djan started playing the piano when he was five years old and went professional at the age of 12.[2] He dropped out of secondary school at 14 and after a tour of London with a local Ghanaian band called Pagadija,[1] he joined the UK-based Afro-rock group Osibisa and travelled internationally with the band during the 1970s, playing to large audiences around the world. By the age of 18 Djan had made more than a million dollars, "had hung out with Elton John and Mick Jagger, played for Britain's queen and cruised on champagne-drenched luxury ocean-liners to island-hop in the Caribbean".[1] He left Osibisa to go solo in 1979 and recorded the single "24 Hours in a Disco", which hit the charts in the United States and the UK. Djan started using and became addicted to hard drugs for some 21 years, to the detriment of his career.[2]

Kiki Djan died alone and impoverished in a church bathroom in Ghana, a victim of AIDS and drugs-related complications.[1]


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