Kolonádový most (Piešťany)

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The Colonnade Bridge at night

Kolonádový most (literally The Colonnade Bridge) is a bridge over the Váh river in Piešťany and it connects the town to the Spa Island.

It was built by architect Emil Belluš in 1930-33, is a preeminent Functionalist construction with many precious art objects. In the middle of bridge are two stipplings from Slovak painter Martin Benka - "Detva songs" and "At sheepcote". On both bridge facades are inscriptions. In western entrance: "Saluberrimae Piestenienses Thermae" (The healing Piešťany Spa) and "Surge et ambula" (Get up and walk) on eastern entrance. At the western entrance of bridge stands the most known symbol of Piešťany, the Crutch breaker statue. This statue is work of academic sculptor Robert Kuhmayer from year 1934. In 1945, retreating German army destroyed it. It was reconstructed in 1956. It is only a part of a spa colonnade. The other parts were never constructed.

Coordinates: 48°35′17″N 17°50′24″E / 48.58806°N 17.84000°E / 48.58806; 17.84000

Entrance from the eastern side with writing "SURGE ET AMBULA"