Kolva River (Perm Krai)

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Kolva River
Kama basin.png
Scheme of the Kama River Basin.
Origin North Ural
Mouth Vishera River
Basin countries Russia
Length 460 km (290 mi)
Avg. discharge 457 m3/s (16,100 cu ft/s) at mouth
Basin area 13,500 km2 (5,200 sq mi)
Kolva is also a river in northern Russia, see Kolva River (Usa).

Kolva River (Russian: Колва) is a river in Perm Krai, Russia, right tributary of the Vishera River of the Kama basin. The length of the river is 460 km (290 mi). The area of its basin 13,500 km2 (5,200 sq mi). It starts on southeastern slope of mount Kolvinsky Kamen, in northeastern portion of Perm Krai, near the border with Komi Republic. Its mouth is located near the town of Cherdyn.

The Kolva River freezes up in early November and stays under the ice until late April–early May. The river is navigable within 200–250 km (125 – 150 miles) from its estuary during the high water season. The town of Cherdyn is located on the Kolva River.

Main tributaries:


By Kolva passed the ancient route from the Volga region in the Pechora region. Between Cherdyn and Nyrob were found several Chud settlements, in which occur oriental coins, that evidence of the importance of Kolva, as route of communication between ancient Volga Bulgaria and remote North.

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