Lágrimas Negras (album)

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Lágrimas Negras
Studio album by Bebo & Cigala
Released 2003
Genre Latin Jazz, Flamenco, Bolero
Length 39:21
Label Calle 54 Records, S.L.
BMG Music Spain, S.A.
Producer Fernando Trueba & Javier Limón
Bebo Valdés chronology
El Arte del Sabor (2002) Lágrimas Negras (2003) Juntos Para Siempre
Diego «El Cigala» chronology
Directo en el Teatro Real (Live, with Niño Josele) (2002) Lágrimas Negras (2003) Picasso en mis ojos (2005)

Lágrimas Negras is a 2003 album by Cuban pianist, bandleader, composer and arranger Bebo Valdés and famous Spanish flamenco singer Diego «El Cigala». Lágrimas Negras is a fusion of Cuban rhythms and flamenco vocals, produced by Spanish book editor, screenwriter, film director and producer Fernando Trueba and released by Calle 54 Records, S.L. and BMG Music Spain.[1] [2]


As reviewed by Jon Lusk in BBC Music: "It's kind of ironic, but sometimes ideas are so blindingly obvious that, for a long time, nobody "sees" them, although not invisible to any human. That's the case when, in late 2002, thirty six-year-old Diego Jimenez Salazar, nicknamed 'El Cigala' ('Norway Lobster') by the Camarón de la Isla, ('Shrimp of the Island') with his extraordinary sobbing voice team up with Bebo Valdés who is old enough (then 83 years old) to be Cigala's grandfather, his pensive piano is the perfect foil for the fiery young singer. Also, as the father of Chucho Valdés (founder of Afro-Cuban jazz pioneers band Irakere) he's from an equally exalted musical dynasty.[3]

"They're joined by a small crew of musical extras who deftly colour in these virtuoso all-acoustic sketches without ever intruding. So much so that on first listen, you hardly notice when they're not thereon "Vete de Mí", the only song with just piano and voice.

The handful of guest soloists are equally restrained. Most notably, Niño Josele's (born Juan José Heredia in Almería, Spain - 1974) brief sparkle of guitar on "Corazón Loco" is dropped in with casual brilliance, and the spoken-word interlude by the Brazilian composer, singer, guitarist, writer, and political activist Caetano Veloso on the becalmed bossa nova of "Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar" is perfectly judged. This song was composed by Antônio Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes for the live album Vinícius de Moraes en La Fusa con Maria Creuza y Toquinho in 1970 as the 13th track.

If you thought songs like "Veinte Años" and "Lágrimas Negras" had been done to death, these Iberian-flavoured takes on such well-worn classics will make you think again. Some might say Bebo's loosely wandering solo on "La Bien Pagá" loses the plot a little, maybe that's the whole point - this is music to get absolutely lost in."[3]

Main article: Bebo Valdés

During his career Bebo Valdés (born Ramón Emilio Valdés Amaro; 9 October 1918) —one of the founders of Latin jazz, and a pioneer in bringing Afro-Cuban sacred rhythms to popular dance music—[4] won seven Grammy Awards: two for El Arte del Sabor (2002), one for Lágrimas Negras (Black Tears),[5] and two for Bebo de Cuba in 2006 (in the categories "Best Traditional Tropical Album" and "Best Latin Jazz Album").

His last musical production was one fittingly recorded with his artist son: 2008’s Bebo y Chucho Valdés: Juntos para Siempre (Together Forever),[1] winner of the Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz Album at the 52nd Grammy Awards in 2010;[6] they also won the Latin Grammy Award on the same field.[7][8]

Valdés spent his last years in Málaga, Spain, before heading back to his home in Stockholm a few weeks before his decease. He died in the middle of the treatment of Alzheimer's disease who suffered from a few years ago,[9] in Stockholm (Sweden) on March 22, 2013.[10][11]

Track listing[edit]

# T i t l e Length
1. Inolvidable (Unforgettable)
Music & Lyrics by: Julio Gutierrez
2. Veinte Años (Twenty Years)
Music & Lyrics by: María Teresa Vera
3. Lágrimas Negras (Black Tears)
Music & Lyrics by: Miguel Matamoros
4. Nieblas del Riachuelo (Stream Fogs)
Lyrics by: Enrique Cadícamo & Music by: Juan Carlos Cobián
5. Corazón Loco (Crazy Heart)
Music & Lyrics by: Richard Dannenberg
6. Se Me Olvidó Que Te Olvidé (I Forgot That I Forget You)
Music & Lyrics by: Lolita De La Colina
7. Vete de Mí (Go Away From Me)
Music & Lyrics by: Homero Expósito, Virgilio Expósito
8. La Bien Pagá (The Well Rewarded)
Lyrics by: Ramón Perelló / Music by: Juan Mostazo
9. Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar / Coraçao Vagabundo (I Know I'll Love You / Vagabound Heart)
Lyrics by: Vinicius De Moraes Music by: Antonio Carlos Jobim / Music & Lyrics by: Caetano Veloso


  • Piano: Bebo Valdés [All Tracks]
  • Vocals: Dieguito el Cigala [All Tracks]
  • Vocals: Dieguito el Cigala & Caetano Veloso [Track 9]

Guest performers[edit]

  • Bass: Javier Colina [Tracks: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, & 9]
  • Contrabass: Javier Colina [Track 4]
  • Cajón: Rickard Valdés [Track 1]
  • Cajón: Israel Porrina "Piraña" [Tracks 2, 3, 5, 6 & 8]
  • Alto Saxophone: Paquito D'Rivera [Track 3]
  • Congas: Tata Güines [Track 3]
  • Shekere: Pancho Terry [Track 3]
  • Timbales: Changuito [Track 3]
  • Violin: Federico Britos [Track 4]
  • Guitar: "Niño Josele" (Juan José Heredia) [Track 5]
  • Chorus: Milton Cardona, Pedrito Martínez, Orlando "Puntilla" Ríos [Track 8]
Additional Personnel

Coordinator [Production Coordination In New York]: Derek Kwan, Todd Barkan
Executive Producer: Fernando Trueba, Nat Chediak
Mastered by: Alan Silverman
Photography by: Guillermo Rodriguez
Photography by [Making Of]: Carlos Carcas
Producer: Fernando Trueba, Javier Limón
Recorded by [Additional at Avatar Studios, New York]: Jim Anderson
Recorded by [Additional at Criteria - The Hit Factory, Miami]: Eric Schilling
Recorded by [Additional at Musiquina, Madrid]: Javier Limón
Recorded by [Assistant], Mixed by [Assistant]: Guillaume Cora
Recorded and mixed by Pepe Loeches


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