List of Highland single malts

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Whisky producing regions of Scotland

Highland single malts are single malt Scotch whiskies produced in the Highland region of Scotland. This categorization includes the whiskies produced on the islands around the perimeter of Scotland (the Island single malts), except for Islay (see Islay whisky). Incongruously, the area also includes certain lowland areas in the North-East of the country such as Banffshire and Aberdeenshire.

List of Highland malts[edit]


  1. ^ Since the Scotch Whisky Regulations of 2009 (Citation 2009, No. 2890), the "Speyside" designation can only be used by distilleries in certain wards, which does not include The Macallan's home of Craigellachie, Moray. Despite this, whisky authorities (among them Michael Jackson) typically consider The Macallan as a Speyside Single Malt. Currently produced bottles of The Macallan indicate it is a "Highland Single Malt", while the website for the brand indicates that the stills for The Macallan are "the smallest on Speyside".


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