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This is a list of venues used for professional baseball in Cleveland, Ohio. The information is a compilation of the information contained in the references listed.

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various Cleveland entries in Negro National League during the 1920s
Case Commons
Occupant: Forest City - independent - amateur (1866-69) / professional (1870)
Location: East 38th Street; Garden Street (now Central Avenue)
Currently: residential
National Association Grounds
Occupant: Forest City - National Association (1871-1872)
Location: Willson Avenue (now East 55th Street); Garden Street (now Central Avenue)
Currently: commercial
National League Park I or National League Park
Occupants: Cleveland Blues - National League (1879-1884)
Location: Kennard (now East 46th) Street; Silby (now Carnegie) Street (north); Cedar Avenue (south)
Currently: commercial
National League Park II
Occupant: Cleveland Spiders - American Association (1887-1888) / National League (1889-1890)
Location: East 35th Street (west); Payne Avenue (north); East 39th Street (east); Euclid Avenue (south)
Currently: commercial
Brotherhood Park
Occupant: Cleveland - Players' League (1890)
Location: Willson Avenue (now East 55th Street); Nickel Plate Railroad trcks
Currently: commercial
League Park aka Dunn Field during 1910s-1920s
Cleveland Spiders - NL (1891-1899)
Cleveland Indians - American League (1900 [as minor league], 1901-31 full time, 1932-1946 part time)
Toledo Mud Hens - American Association (1914-1915)
Cleveland Buckeyes - Negro American League (1943-1948)
Location: Lexington Ave (south, right field); East 66th Street (originally Dunham) (west, first base); Linwood Avenue (originally Beecher) (north, third base); residences and East 70th Street (originally Russell) (east, beyond left field)
Currently: League Park public playground
Cleveland Stadium
Occupant: Cleveland Indians - AL (1932-1946 part time, 1947-1993)
Location: 1085 West 3rd Street (first base side); Lake Erie (third base side)
Currently: site of Cleveland Browns Stadium
Progressive Field prev. Jacobs Field
Occupant: Cleveland Indians - AL (1994-present)
Location: 2401 Ontario Street (southwest, third base); Carnegie Avenue (southeast, first base); Wigman Court (east, right field corner); East 9th Street (northeast, right field); Eagle Avenue (northwest and west, left field and left field corner)

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