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This list is of books by Graham Greene.





Travel books[edit]



Short stories[edit]

  • The Bear Fell Free (1935)[1]
  • Twenty-One Stories (1954) (originally "Nineteen Stories" [1947], the collection usually presents the stories in reverse chronological order)
  1. "The End of the Party" (1929)
  2. "The Second Death" (1929)
  3. "Proof Positive" (1930)
  4. "I Spy" (1930)
  5. "A Day Saved" (1935)
  6. "Jubilee" (1936)
  7. "Brother" (1936)
  8. "A Chance For Mr Lever" (1936)
  9. "The Basement Room" (1936) (adapted by the author as The Fallen Idol, a film directed by Carol Reed)
  10. "The Innocent" (1937)
  11. "A Drive in the Country" (1937)
  12. "Across the Bridge" (1938)
  13. "A Little Place Off the Edgware Road" (1939)
  14. "The Case for the Defence" (1939)
  15. "Alas, Poor Maling" (1940)
  16. "Men at Work" (1940)
  17. "When Greek Meets Greek" (1941) (elsewhere retitled "Her Uncle Versus His Father")
  18. "The Hint of an Explanation" (1948)
  19. "The Blue Film" (1954)
  20. "Special Duties" (1954)
  21. "The Destructors" (1954)
  • A Sense of Reality (1963)
"Under the Garden"
"A Visit to Morin"
"Dream of a Strange Land"
"A Discovery in the Woods"
  • May We Borrow Your Husband? (1967)
"May We Borrow Your Husband?"
"Chagrin in Three Parts"
"The Over-night Bag"
"Cheap in August"
"A Shocking Accident"
"The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen"
"Awful When You Think of It"
"Doctor Crombie"
"The Root of All Evil"
"Two Gentle People"
  • The Last Word and Other Stories (1990)
"The Last Word"
"The News in English"
"The Moment of Truth"
"The Man Who Stole the Eiffel Tower"
"The Lieutenant Died Last"
"A Branch of the Service"
"An Old Man's Memory"
"The Lottery Ticket"
"The New House"
"Work Not in Progress"
"Murder for the Wrong Reason"
"An Appointment With the General"
  • Newly Collected Stories for "The Complete Short Stories" (2005)
"The Blessing" (1966)
"Church Militant" (1956)
"Dear Dr Falkenheim" (1963)
"The Other Side of the Border" (1936 unfinished novel[2]) originally published in "Nineteen stories" [1947]

Children's books[edit]

  • The Little Train (1946, illus. Dorothy Craigie; 1973, illus. Edward Ardizzone)
  • The Little Fire Engine (1950, illus. Dorothy Craigie; 1973, illus. Edward Ardizzone)
  • The Little Horse Bus (1952, illus. Dorothy Craigie; 1974, illus. Edward Ardizzone)
  • The Little Steamroller (1955, illus. Dorothy Craigie; 1974, illus. Edward Ardizzone)


  • The Old School: Essays by Divers Hands (ed. Greene, 1934)[3]
  • British Dramatists (1942)
  • Why Do I Write? An Exchange of Views between Elizabeth Bowen, Graham Greene and V.S. Pritchett (1948)[4]
  • The Lost Childhood and Other Essays (1951)
  • The Spy's Bedside Book (ed. with Hugh Greene, 1957)
  • Introduction to My Silent War, by Kim Philby, 1968, British Intelligence double agent, mole for Soviets
  • Collected Essays (1969)
  • Lord Rochester's Monkey: Being the Life of John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester (1974)
  • An Impossible Woman: The Memories of Dottoressa Moor of Capri (ed. Greene, 1975)
  • The Pleasure-Dome: The Collected Film Criticism, 1935–40 (ed. John Russell Taylor, 1980)
  • J'Accuse: The Dark Side of Nice (1982)
  • Yours, etc.: Letters to the Press (1989)
  • Why the Epigraph? (1989)
  • Reflections (1991)
  • The Graham Greene Film Reader: Reviews, Essays, Interviews and Film Stories (ed. David Parkinson, 1993)
  • Articles of Faith: The Collected Tablet Journalism of Graham Greene (ed. Ian Thomson, 2006)
  • Graham Greene: A Life in Letters (ed. Richard Greene, 2007)


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