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The role-playing game Suikoden II occurs in the fictional country named the Dunan,[1] taking place in the Northern Continent, the largest known continent in the Suikoden world. The game revolves around the fate of two young friends, The Hero and Jowy Atreides, during the Dunan Unification War.[2]

This list includes the most notable characters in the game, primarily those who had key roles. A number of these characters have appeared in its predecessor, Suikoden as well as the two Genso Suikogaiden games.

For other characters, the 108 Stars of Destiny list contains the 108 characters from every Suikoden game in the series.

Lead characters[edit]

The Hero[edit]

The protagonist (named Riou in the Japanese novelization and Drama CD adaptation and Tao in the manga adaptation[3]), was a soldier of the Highland Army's Unicorn Youth Brigade. He is skilled in using tonfas and becomes the bearer of the Bright Shield Rune.

As a child, the Hero had been left an orphan by wars and he and a girl named Nanami were adopted by a hero named Genkaku. He grew up in a small town in the Highland region called Kyaro and eventually became friends with Jowy Atreides. Along with Nanami, they would train under Genkaku to become strong fighters. The Hero and Jowy went on to join the Unicorn Youth Brigade.

When the Youth Brigade is slaughtered by Luca Blight as an instigator for war, the Hero ends up separated from Jowy and captured by a band of mercenaries under the command of Viktor. Jowy attempts to rescue him, but the boys were both caught. After several attempts, they manage to escape and eventually reunite with Nanami. Their reunion is fleeting as the Hero and Jowy are arrested soon afterwards by their former captain. They are rescued by Viktor and Flik; the boys and Nanami escape from Highland and aid Viktor by recruiting more mercenaries.

Thorough the course of the story, the Hero and Jowy are approached by the strategist, Apple, who intends to approach Viktor and provide him information concerning the plans of the Highland Kingdom. After recruiting Tsai and witnessing the insanity of Luca Blight, the Hero and Jowy join the Dunan Unification Army. The Hero becomes the leader of the Dunan Unification Army after defeating Solon Jhee. However, he soon finds that he must fight against Jowy after Jowy marries Jillia Blight and becomes Commander-in-Chief of Highland Kingdom's army. Both young men end up inheriting half of the Rune of Beginning and must end the war before their friendship is torn apart forever.

Jowy Atreides[edit]

The childhood friend of the Hero and Nanami, but eventually the main antagonist of Suikoden II. Jowy's mother married Marcel Atreides and he was brought into the wealthy Atreides family of Highland aristocrats. Ostracized because of his family's wealth and abused by his stepfather and stepbrother, he has few friends aside from the Hero and Nanami. He initially wields a staff and changes to using a sword after joining the Highland Kingdom.

With the Hero, he joins the Highland Unicorn Youth Brigade. When the brigade is slaughtered as a result of Luca Blight, he and the Hero escape and are separated. Jowy is rescued by a girl named Pilika and her parents. He and the Hero are reunited when they are both captured by Viktor's mercenaries. They escape, but are arrested by their former brigade leader and then rescued by Viktor and Flik. The boys become involved in the Dunan Unification War and eventually each inherit half of the Rune of Beginning; Jowy becomes the bearer of the Black Sword Rune.

The two end up on opposite sides of the conflict when Jowy volunteers to become a spy for the army and is caught by the Highlanders. Jowy joins Luca Blight, believing he can work from within to bring about a better future. Jowy eventually becomes a general in Highland, marries Jillia Blight, and secretly plots against Luca with Leon Silverberg.

With Luca's death, Jowy becomes King of Highland. He is forced to focus all his energy into using the Black Sword Rune to keep the Beast Rune at bay. Upon his army's defeat, Jowy flees from Highland, but he and the Hero are forced to directly confront each other, as destined by the opposing forces of the Rune of Beginning, and so he meets the Hero at Tenzan Pass, where they had jumped into the river together early on in the game. If all 108 Stars of Destiny were recruited over the course of the game and other conditions are met during their encounter, in the end Nanami will be alive and well and waiting for them at Genkaku's house. Jowy joins the Hero and Nanami as they travel around the world.

During their encounter in Tenzan Pass, if the Hero agrees to fight Jowy as asked, does anything other than defend himself during the duels that follow, or agrees to take the Black Sword Rune from Jowy, even if all 108 Stars of Destiny were recruited Nanami remains dead, and the ultimate outcome of the event is Jowy's death.


Nanami is the Hero's adopted sister and a martial artist. Along the journey, she constantly worries about her brother as well as caring for the shattered orphan, Pilika, when she is in her care. During the journey, she questions the war and her and her brothers role in it. She is horrified of the fact that later on, her brother and his friend Jowy are leading opposing armies and even pleads for them not to fight. She pleads for the hero to run away with her in Tinto (in which the hero can choose to do), but eventually stands by his decision to continue the fight. She is eventually shot with an arrow at Rockaxe Castle while protecting her brother when Gorudo ambushes the Hero and Jowy in an attempt to kill them both to seize power. Whether she survives or not in Suikoden II is dependent on whether the player is able to gather all 108 Stars of Destiny and make certain decisions before she is severely wounded by Gorudo. If she survives, she collaborates with Shu to make the Hero think she is dead, so she can leave the war and not have her brother worry about her (as Nanami could not bear to see her brother fight his best friend). In the end, she is found in Genkaku's house after the Hero and Jowy reunite and they journey the world together.


Pilika is a girl who befriends Jowy and the Hero after her family rescues Jowy after the massacre of the Youth Brigade. She is the only survivor of Luca Blight's attack on Toto and left an orphan when her parents, Marx and Joanna, die in the massacre. After the incident, she enters the care of Jowy, the Hero, and Nanami until the fall of Muse. During the attack on the Mercenary Fortress, she is rendered mute by Luca Blight after he attempts to run her through with his sword before being saved by the heroes. She remains with the Hero until Shu uses Pilika as a deterrent against Jowy to protect the Hero and Teresa Wisemail, and ends up reunited with Jowy, no longer mute. During the fall of Highland, Jowy tells Pilika good bye for the last time, as Pilika requests that Jowy hold her like her father did. She is then put under Jilla Blight's care and taken to Harmonia.

City-States of Jowston[edit]


Anabelle is the mayor of Muse and the chair of the Jowston Alliance, who tries unsuccessfully to unite the various factions within Jowston. Jess is the deputy mayor of Muse and flees the city with 5000 soldiers believing that the Hero was responsible for Anabelle's assassination.

Hauser is powerful warrior and the General of the Muse Army, who follows orders without question. Fitcher appears foolish to deceive others into underestimating him, but is actually quite perceptive . He is in charge of Foreign Affairs for Muse.

Huan is a doctor. Tuta is a travelling doctor and Huan's apprentice, who joins Viktor's mercenaries as a field medic.

Genshu is a ronin who meditates in the nearby town of Coronet, seemingly undisturbed by the surrounding chaos.

Viktor's Mercenaries[edit]

Viktor is the leader of a group of mercenaries and once involved in the Gate Rune Wars. He becomes involved in the Dunan Unification War as a result of a promise to Anabelle to lead a mercenary force for Muse. Flik is a mercenary known as the "Blue Lightning" and helped to form Viktor's mercenary force at the request of Anabelle. Leona is a dispatcher who doubles as a bartender. Barbara is a brawny woman who works as the group's quartermaster.

Pohl looks after the Hero and Jowy when they are captured by Captain Rowd of Highland Army and convinces Viktor and Flik to find the boys and help them to escape. He is killed by Luca Blight during the battle for Viktor's fort.


Granmeyer is the peace loving Mayor of Southwindow who was previously involved in the Gate Rune Wars. He and Southwindow immediately come to the aid of Anabelle and Muse when it is attacked by Solon Jhee; ironically, he surrenders when Southwindow is attacked to avoid making the citizens suffer only to be executed soon after. Freed Yamamoto is an extremely serious aide to Granmeyer and helps him prepare Southwindow for the war against the Highlanders.

Alex is a relentless pursuer of the secrets of Sindar. Hilda is his wife and an innkeeper from Southwindow. The two have a son named Pete who is not counted among the 108 Stars. Killey is a no-nonsense treasure hunter who is convinced that Alex is hiding something. Adlai is a rude but talented inventor who will install an elevator in the party's HQ. Gantetsu is a monk who was excommunicated for violent tendencies who prides himself on his incredible strength. Annallee is timid singer who has been separated from her fellow musicians because of the war.

In Kuskus, to the north, the dancer Karen pulls in big crowds at the bar. The powerful bodyguard Oulan is building a reputation as a terror to those who pick on girls. Tessai the master blacksmith is seeking something new to inspire him. Suikoden I characters Tai Ho and Yam Koo relocate to Kuskus once they need to escape the heat of Highland troops.


Teresa Wisemail is the good-natured pacifist daughter of Alex Wisemail, who poisoned Kianu, Chief of the Karaya Clan, alongside Gorudo of Matilda. She becomes the acting Mayor of Greenhill when her father dies early in the war. Shin, a mysterious swordsman from the Southlands, is her loyal bodyguard. He wields a two-handed sword and also appears in Suikogaiden Vol 1.

Nina is a student at the New Leaf Academy who leads the students at the academy to fight when the Highland Army invades and later brings supplies to Teresa when she is in hiding. She is easily attracted to foreign men. Jeane, the mysterious Rune Mistress previously involved in the Gate Rune Wars, is a teacher of rune mastery at the New Leaf Academy and later flees to Two River when Greenhill falls. She has appeared in all Suikoden games to date. Jude is a sculptor who teaches the art of blacksmithing. Emilia is an analytical and well-studied librarian. Pico is an Annallee's guitarist and something of a playboy, he turned up in Greenhill after the group's separation.

Badeaux is a strange man who living in the woods east of the city, who enjoys speaking to animals with his Listening Crystals. Wakaba is an aspiring martial artist who can be found at Forest Village, to the west of Greenhill. Tony is a poor but good-spirited farmer who rents a room from the mayor of Forest Village. Connell, who lives in the same town, is a child phonologist with the rare ability to manipulate sounds.

Two River[edit]

Ridley Wizen is a Kobold noble and General of the Two River Army. He is highly respected by Kobolds in Dunan and somewhat distrustful of humans due to prior conflicts. Boris Wizen is Ridley's son, trained to be a strategist at an academy in the Nameless Lands. If Ridley is killed during the game, Boris will take his place among the 108 Stars of Destiny. Bob is a homeless werewolf who feels more at home among the Kobolds than he does among the humans who shun him.

Chaco is a skilled Winger thief who eventually motivates the Winger forces to defend all of Two River. He is the grandson of Susu, the Winger Village's leader. Sid is a something of an older brother to Chaco who delights in tormenting him, and currently resides in the sewers under the city. Makai is an indecisive plenipotentiary for Two River and represents the human, Kobold, and Winger districts of Two River. Hans is an armorer who is looking to expand his business.

Hix and Tengaar from the first game can be found in the neighboring Kobold Village south of Two River continuing their journey. Yuzu is a young shepherdess there who needs help finding some sheep. Tetsu is a bathmaker who resides in Lakewest, east of Two River. Taki is his elderly neighbor who loves to gossip. Shilo is a shifty man who enjoys conning tourists with his crooked dice game.


Gorudo is the leader of the Matilda Knights, who later betrays the knights to join the Highland Kingdom. He works with Alec Wisemail to poison the Chief of the Karaya clan and kills (or wounds) Nanami before he is killed by the Hero and Jowy.

Miklotov is the Captain of the Blue Knights of the Knightdom of Matilda and is from Rockaxe. Camus is the Captain of the Red Knights of Matilda and is from Camaro. His older brother is a member of the Free Knights of Camaro.

Humphrey and Futch can be found in Highway Village nearby, continuing their journey after the first game.

Tinto Republic[edit]

Gustav Pendragon is the Mayor of Tinto and is against joining the Jowston Alliance, which he believes is weak. He previously was involved in the Gate Rune War and cooperated with Southwindow to invade the Senan area of the Scarlet Moon Empire, but were eventually defeated from the Toran Republic Army. Gustav blamed the defeat on Granmeyer, who withdrew his troops during the battle, and went to attack the Grasslands in accordance the wishes of the citizens. He asserts Tinto's independence during the Dunan Unification War and declares himself its president, taking on the surname "Pendragon" to reflect his new status.

Gustav's beloved daughter is Lilly Pendragon, who is kidnapped by Neclord, but rescued by Viktor, Kahn Marley, and Sierra Mikain. Lilly reappears in Suikoden III. Marlowe Cody is Lilly's tutor.

Gijimu is the leader of the Lampdragon Bandits. Lo Wen is member of the Lampdragon Bandits and is originally from Two River. Koyu is Gijimu and Lo Wen's younger brother.

The Tinto Mines are home to a species of large octopi, and a family of them can be found living there, although only Abizboah counts as a star of destiny. If the player chooses to recruit Rulodia, they forfeit a perfect game as doing this voids the recruitment of two other characters.

Allies of the City States[edit]


The chief strategist of the Dunan Unification Army. Alongside Apple, Shu was a student of Mathiu Silverberg and studied military strategy extensively through childhood. Though Mathiu saw Shu had great potential, he expelled his young student when he discovered Shu was using his knowledge for personal gain. Though incredibly ruthless, his perspective on war and strategy gradually changes throughout the course of the war, from believing that soldiers are pawns to one where he realizes it is necessary for him to risk his life if it means victory.

After his expulsion, Shu became a merchant in Radat, using his uncanny grasp of movements in the world to become wealthy and successful. During the Dunan Unification War, he is approached by the members of the Unification Army to join them; he eventually agrees thanks to the persistence of Apple and the Hero.

Shu is able to shape the allied forces into a satisfactory army and is able to score victories against the Highland Army as well as obtain an alliance with the nearby Toran Republic. However, his plans are disrupted when Leon Silverberg suddenly sides with the Highland Army. Leon, however, chooses to give away key information concerning Luca Blight's plans for a night raid, which brings about Luca's death and Jillia's ascension to the Highland throne and Jowy succeeding Luca as commander of the Highland forces.

Following the war, he becomes the Chancellor of Dunan until the Hero's return. He eventually retires and returns during the Higheast Rebellion to plan a plot to cause internal discord in Harmonia so that it withdraws from the Highland.


Main article: Apple (Suikoden)

Once a student of Mathiu Silverberg, Apple is a tactician who was involved in the Gate Rune Wars and convinces Shu to join the Dunan Unification Army. She serves as a secondary strategist for the army.

Toran Republic[edit]

Kasumi is a ninja from the hamlet of Rokkaku. She was sent to aid the Dunan Unification Army by orders of Lepant. Valeria is a swordwoman previously involved in the Gate Rune War. She is sent to participate join Dunan Unification Army by Lepant.

Sheena of Kouan, a notorious flirt connected to Apple, is the son of Lepant, current president of the Toran Republic, and his wife, Eileen.

Highland Kingdom and allies[edit]

Luca Blight[edit]

Luca is the secondary antagonist of Suikoden II and the heir to the Highland Kingdom. Known for his unmatched cruelty and bloodlust, Luca is referred to as the "Mad Prince"; the source of his anger resulted from an attack on the Highland royalty's entourage by ruffians. Luca was traveling with his mother, Sara, and father when they were attacked by a group of ruffians. Luca's father fled in fear, leaving Luca and his mother to their mercy; Sara was raped repeatedly, while Luca was forced to witness the ordeal. He would later discover the ruffians were hired by Muse; he has since developed a profound hatred to the Jowston Alliance and his father, Agares, the incompetent King of Highland.

Luca gains military control over the Highland Army when Agares steps down to take responsibility the ceasefire signed in Jowston. With his newfound power, Luca instigates another war with Jowston and uses the Beast Rune, beginning a plot that involves massacring the entire Unicorn Youth Brigade and blaming the incident on Jowston. He rapidly attacks and conquers the city-states of Jowston and successfully conspires with Jowy Atreides to assassinate Agares. Though initially unstoppable, the collaborative efforts of Leon Silverberg, Shu, and Jowy bring about his downfall at the hands of the Dunan Unification Army.

Jillia Blight[edit]

Jillia is Luca's younger half-sister and the Princess of the Highland Kingdom. She was conceived as a result of the rape of Luca's mother when the Highland royalty were ambushed by ruffians from Muse. She bears a strong resemblance to her mother, who died shortly after Jillia was born, and is the only person Luca allows to speak on equal terms with him.

Jillia marries Jowy Atreides, who had been rapidly promoted in the Highland military structure, and ends up caring for Pilika, whom Jowy and Jillia adopt as their daughter. When Luca is killed, Jillia inherits the throne and Jowy becomes Commander-in-Chief of the Highland military. Upon Highland's defeat, Jowy arranges for her to flee with Pilika to a manor in Harmonia. If certain actions are taken throughout the story, Jowy will be able to visit them in Harmonia.

Leon Silverberg[edit]

Main article: Leon Silverberg

Leon is a famed strategist from the Toran Republic and is capable of derailing most of Shu's plans. He was previously involved in the Gate Rune Wars and sides with the Highland Army because he believes that they will likely win the war, thus allowing it to end sooner and spare more lives. He is also responsible for summoning the Black Knight Yuber to fight in the war.

Other Highland allies[edit]

Solon Jhee is a member of the powerful Jhee family of Highland and a general of the Highland Army. Though initially a threatening force who conquers Muse and Southwindow, his recklessness and assumptions allowed the allied forces of Jowston to defeat him. He is executed by Luca Blight as a result of his incompetence. Culgan and Seed are officers who serve under Solon and later Jowy.

Han Cunningham, a hero of the earlier Jowston-Highland Wars, is a general of the Highland Army and leads it against the forces of Muse. He is a previous bearer of the Black Sword Rune.

Kiba Windamier is the General of the Highland's 3rd Army and is loyal to Agares Blight, but not to his son Luca, and readily surrenders when defeated by the allied forces. Klaus Windamier is the highly acclaimed strategist for the 3rd Highland Army and Kiba's mild-mannered son. He later becomes Shu's pupil. Gilbert is the leader of mercenaries hired by the Highland during the attack on Muse, but defects to join Viktor.

Lucia is the Chief of the Karaya clan who seeks to avenge her father, Kianu, the previous chief who was poisoned by Alec Wisemail and Gorudo. To this end, she works as an assassin for the Highland Army.


Sasarai is a Harmonian bishop sent as a general when the Highland requests military aid from Harmonia. Twin brother of Luc and raised by the Great Bishop Hikusaak of Harmonia in Crystal Valley. He is the bearer of the True Earth Rune. His army is defeated by the power of Luc's true rune.

Clive has been a member of the Howling Voice Guild of Harmonia since birth and a Knight Class Gunner. When the elders of the guild felt threatened that Clive and his two closest friends, Kelley and Elza, had achieved the rank of Knight Class Gunner and were all eligible to become the new Guildmaster, they intentionally rigged a duel between Kelley (their choice for Guildmaster because he appeared to be the easiest to manipulate) and Elza (who had gained the acceptance of the Guildmaster's sentient rifle, Sturm, whereas Kelley had not). Kelley, aware of the rigged duel, deliberately allows Elza to kill him. Clive would discover that Kelley had been killed and Elza had fled, unaware of what had truly transpired. He pursues Elza with the intention of avenging Kelley.

Kahn Marley is a vampire hunter obsessed with defeating Neclord. He does so with the help of Sierra Mikain and Viktor.


Some members of the Stars of Destiny come from lands beyond Dunan or Highland; others have unknown origins, but are clearly travelers in the town in which they are found.


The protagonist of the original Suikoden can be recruited by the Hero if the player has a completed save file from the previous game.


Main article: Luc (Suikoden)

A mysterious mage sent by Leknaat, the Keeper of the Balance, who aids the Hero only at her request. He actively works to fight the Harmonian reinforcements granted to the Highland. Luc was previously involved in the Gate Rune Wars and bears the True Wind Rune. Thrown into prison to rot by Chief Bishop Hikusaak of Harmonia of Crystal Valley as a young boy, he was saved by Leknaat and raised in Magic Tower.

Sierra Mikain[edit]

The bearer of the Moon Rune and the Coven Mistress of Village of the Blue Moon. She is searching for Neclord, a rune-using vampire and former ally of the sorceress Windy. She appears also in Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 1 - Swordsman of Harmonia.

Sierra inherited the Moon Rune in an unspecified event over eight hundred years ago and is the original vampire of the Suikoden world. Overpowered by the rune, she succumbed to feeding off of other human beings to quench her insatiable thirst for blood. To escape this fate, she left the world behind and retreated into a forest and took refuge in an abandoned residence. As other people wandered into her forest to commit suicide, she ended up granting them immortality with the rune and formed the Blue Moon Village. The village thrived under the rune's protection until it was stolen by Neclord; the villagers became demonic and Sierra, unaffected by the rune's loss, was forced to hunt them down. She meets Nash Latkje during a hunt for Rean Penenberg, the first person Sierra transformed into a vampire, and ends Rean's life with Nash's help.

Sierra leaves Nash and proceeds to Tinto after hearing of Neclord's presence there. With the help of Viktor, wielder of the Star Dragon Sword, and vampire hunter Kahn Marley, she is able to defeat Neclord and recover the Moon Rune.

It is speculated that after the events of Suikoden II, she marries Suikoden III's Nash Latkje. If Nash is given Sierra's (or the Narrator's) role in the Suikoden II "play" put on by Nadir, he sarcastically refers to himself as "Old Hag Sierra" and says that "I'm arrogant, never keep promises, and suck people's blood at any chance." Nash also claims to Chris Lightfellow that he's married and that his "missus" is quite a handful. Both of these instances are consistent with their relationship as portrayed in Genso Suikogaiden.

Other characters[edit]

Bolgan is a fire-breather from Zexen, Rina is a Grassland girl who tells fortunes, and Eilie is her younger sister and a knife thrower. It is hinted that she develops a crush on the main character (similar to how Kasumi develops a crush on the main character in the first game). The three of them are travelling performers. Zamza is a fist-fighting magic instructor of foreign origin who was banned from his original workplace. Richmond is a private detective.

Tai Ho is a fisherman and well-known smuggler who has travelled the high seas. Fellow fisherman Yam Koo is his sworn brother. Tsai is a master spearfighter known as "Tsai of the Divine Spear" for piercing an iron helmut with his spear.


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