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This is an article about a live music DVD. For the music television program, see Intimate and Interactive.
Not to be confused with Live and Intimate or Intimate and Live
Live: Intimate & Interactive
Video by The Tea Party
Released 17 October 2007
Recorded 20 May 1998 & 20 November 2000
Genre Rock
Length 91:41
Label Linus Entertainment
Director David Russell
Producer David Russell
The Tea Party chronology
Live: Intimate & Interactive

Live: Intimate & Interactive is a 2007 single digital versatile disc (DVD) by the Canadian rock band The Tea Party. The live music DVD is the only official live video release, shot in the MuchMusic CHUM-City Building in Toronto, during their Intimate and Interactive performance in May 1998, coupled with a performance from 20 November 2000.[1][2]

Track listing[edit]

Intimate & Interactive (1998)[edit]

Live @ Much (2000)[edit]


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