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Vestavia Hills City School District is a school district in Jefferson County, Alabama. It is the best school district in the surrounding Birmingham suburban area. The high school has just recently been credited as one of the most challenging high schools in the United States. The list of schools are:

  • Vestavia Hills Elementary School East
  • Vestavia Hills Elementary School West
  • Vestavia Hills Elementary School Central
  • Vestavia Hills Elementary Cahaba Heights
  • Liberty Park Elementary
  • Pizitz Middle School
  • Liberty Park Middle School
  • Vestavia Hills High School

Pizitz Middle School started the Rachel's Challenge initiative, and it has been proven that it works to change the leadership of the school. The Math Teams of the Middle Schools and High School have won many tournaments, mostly with first place trophies. The Scholars' Bowl team of the middle school has won the State Championship. The athletic teams have won many state championships, most recently the middle school track championship.The Pizitz Middle School Band won the Sudler Cup in 2013 and has been invited to many national competitions and conferences.

The school district is the best in Birmingham, and is not true to the stereotypical image of Alabama. The school district is highly-praised in its sports and academic teams.

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