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Gender Unisex (Primarily Female)
Word/name Celtic
Meaning Pond, waterfall
Other names
Related names Lin, Linda, Linell, Linn, Linnell, Lyn, Lynae, Lyndee, Lyndel, Lyndell, Lyne, Lynell, Lynelle, Lynette,Lynlee, Lynley, Lynna, Lynne, Lynnelle, Lynnett, Lynnette, Kaylynn, Kaylin

Lynn or Lynne is a surname and given name in English speaking countries.


For notable people with this surname, see Lynn (surname) and Lynne (surname).

It has a number of separate derivations:

  • A locational surname from any of a number of places in England, the place name in turn derived from old Celtic lenna (meaning pool or lake).[1]
  • A locational surname in Scotland, the place name derived from Scots Gaelic meaning water feature or pool.[1]
  • A surname derived from an Old Gaelic personal name in the north of Ireland, originally O' Fhloinn, later O' Loinn, O' Lynn and Lynn.[1] {See also the surnames Flynn and O'Flynn.}[2]

The earliest recorded instance of the surname is Aedricus de Lenna of King's Lynn (1177).[1][3]

Given name[edit]

As a given name, Lynn is predominantly female. Since the 1960s or '70s, Lynn has become the most common middle name for females in English speaking regions.[citation needed] It is also popular as a suffix for female first names.[citation needed]

Notable people named Lynn[edit]



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