Mark N. Norris Bridge

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Mark N. Norris Bridge
Bridge Mississippi River Illinois Iowa Route 136 Fulton Illinois.jpg
Carries 2 lanes of Iowa Highway 136/IL-136
Crosses Mississippi River
Locale Clinton, Iowa and Fulton, Illinois
Design Truss bridge
Longest span 152 m
Opened January 1975
Daily traffic 9,800[1]
Coordinates 41°51′53″N 90°10′23″W / 41.86472°N 90.17306°W / 41.86472; -90.17306Coordinates: 41°51′53″N 90°10′23″W / 41.86472°N 90.17306°W / 41.86472; -90.17306

The Mark N. Morris Bridge (locally called the North Bridge) is a 2 lane truss bridge across the Mississippi River in the United States. It connects the cities of Clinton, Iowa and Fulton, Illinois. (The town of Lyons, Iowa, was annexed to Clinton in 1895, but the north end of the city is still referred to as Lyons; hence the name Lyons-Fulton Bridge). The bridge is the terminus of both Iowa Highway 136 and Illinois Route 136.

Wagon bridge, Fulton, Illinois (1891)

The bridge was opened in January 1975, replacing an older span upstream that once carried the Lincoln Highway, U.S. Route 30. The older span was originally built in 1891 with a wooden deck; this was replaced in 1933 with a metal grate to allow snow to melt through. When the renovation was completed the bridge fathers held a grand ceremony during which a 19-year-old Cedar Rapids high dive artist, Walter W. Simon, dove from the 100-foot (30 m) high span into the Mississippi River. He was paid $1.00 per foot for this stunt.[2]

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